The dev environment for Eden is certainly the most challenging patch I've been involved with. Maybe because I don't have a team of students during the winter break. A lot of new things - a python framework for starters. Add various bzr commands, a tangled mess of overlays, adding a repo to source.list, a lot of sed statements I didn't have the skill for before, some wget, shuffling the contents of zip archives, manipulating services. Quite an exercise. A very rewarding challenge while contributing a very worthy project.

I've also completed a TKLPatch for a lightweight eden that relies on web2py with rocket and sqlite - designed to serve headlessly, or to be an Eden workstation. As soon as it's revised, I'll attach it to the original post. On the way to the Eden patches is a web2py patch. I know from the Web2py Google group that a patch for web2py has been brought up in the past. Is this something that was left dangling, or was the whole idea scrubbed? Is it something I should look to attach to the o.p.?

Web2py is a challenge for me itself, because no one seems to agree on where it should go in the filesystem (I'm being mentored to package, so I'm going to have to come to terms with this sooner or later). For those interested, here's the developer's take on the subject. Definitely a tangled knot.