Sorry to hear you're having a bad time. If it's any consolation I just spent the last week wrestling with an apache 2.0 issue and incompatibilities between VirtualBox & VMWare regarding manifest files. A techie's life is a pain sometimes!

Regarding the problems you're having, you're in the Wordpress admin death trap. Wordpress admin takes more consistent horsepower than your ordinary site when it is operating. You can't admin a wordpress site for long under a micro instance before you get throttled.

I'm afraid you don't have many choices:

1) Move to a small instance

2) Edit your site on your local PC within a VM or WAMP and upload to your site

3) Temporarily upgrade your site while editing

It sounds like option 3 might help you out. As long as your admin work can be done at a time when your clients won't notice a momentary outage while you restart the server you can upgrade to a small / medium instance while doing your admin work then downgrade it back to a micro instance afterwards. The downside is two restarts (one to upgrade and one to downgrade).


4) You can also tune up your instance a bit

Hope you work things out. There are other options but they are more complicated. A combination of 3 & 4 should solve your problems.

Good luck with your site.


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)