TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

di-live mdadm raid0-1 installer feature

It should be really cool if you can add the raid di-live installer feature to the cd image.

Turnkey linux it's really amazing but is pretty useless on phisical hardware without such feature.

I'm using mdadm daily to create software raid!

Thank you

  I have same problem,


I have same problem, Microserver Hp.

Is possible to create patch for resolving problem?


yes, I encountered this

yes, I encountered this problem for the same hardware!! It's really a shame that cannot be installed on a software raid ...

  you can solve the


you can solve the problem?
Otherwise I will have to change platform is a disappointment for so little.

I'm not the author! We have

I'm not the author!

We have to pray the author to add thi feature!

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di-live leverages d-i for the heavy lifting...

di-live leverages d-i (debian installer) for all the heavy lifting, so adding support for raid to di-live shouldn't be difficult at all. I currently don't have the time to implement it, but if you're up for it and need help just ask.

I also don't have the hardware to perform testing, so it's been dropping down on my todo list since this thread appeared on the forum unfortunately... (I wonder if this can be duplicated in a VM...)

    I have



I have about 20/30 to do with installations using HP Microserver TKLcoreand TKLpatch. I am not able to create the change, how can I do?



raid di-live installer feature on HP Microserver

Hi at all,

I've the same requirement for an installation of 10 HP Microserver...

I'm not so expert with Turnkey and I can't implement it, but the feature would help a lots of applications!

Anyone could help us?



Hello I am interested in

I am interested in this solution, would be for me.
I hope to be taken into consideration, These New HP servers are attractive.
Economical and quiet, this server is listed as a barebones servers

I look forward with hope
Thank you.

Hi, Can anybody tell me who

Can anybody tell me who can do this implementation?

Or who do I ask?

Thank you.

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If you are happy to pay then shouldn't be a problem

I would suggest you contact the core devs (Alon and Liraz) and/or Adrian Moya (he is a very cluey guy who AFAIK has done a bit of freelance dev stuff for others).

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