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Redmine's Repository Creation could be bettered?


I tried to setup the Redmine Applicance and let me say that the LDAP Auth "just worked"

While trying to setup the Subversion repository though, it didn't work. I searched the forums but people had reported problems only as back as 2009 (Redmine + SVN).

I tried the "automatic WS" option as well, but that didn't work either.

* Would it possible to clarify in the UI itself what the URL exactly means (i.e. where the directory would get created for the different protocols).




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Have you checked Redmine docs at all?

I have no experience with the Redmine appliance but perhaps it may be useful to check with Remine docs/forums/etc?

Hi, I checked the Redmine

I checked the Redmine forums and found a few things, which could be usefult if available from TKL.
* The latest Redmine fixes the WS checkbox problem (API key is necessary)
* There are a few (really really) useful patches like allowing the LDAP auth to use the login user to bind rather than a fixed username (so no need to save username, password within Redmine)

Upstream Redmine doesn't have any tips, etc either, so no point asking TKL to have it, correct.

Still, the above two features; "latest update" and the "LDAP bind" patches would be really good to have in the TKL Redmine.

Thanks and Regards,

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v12.x TKL should have latest stable Redmine

Thanks for posting back! :)

As the current TKL appliance includes an upstream version of Redmine I suspect that the devs will again include the latest stable upstream version when they create the new v12.0 Redmine appliance.

Forgot to add in the last

Forgot to add in the last post; the 'allow login user to bind to LDAP' patches are not part of even upstream. They are patches being used by people for quite some time (two years in some cases) and reported to be working fine.

What is the policy at TKL? Do you guys use custom patches or strictly unmodified upstream releases?

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Generally only 'approved' plugins make it into appliances

So whether it is 3rd party may not be relevant. But this is something of a gray area AFAIK. Really as long as plugins are open source it shouldn't be a problem.

Having said that though, the only plugins that would normally make it into a TKL appliance would be ones that add useful functionality which the majority of TKL users would benefit from. I don't know whether an LDAP plugin would make it in under those conditions...

But assuming that adding plugins is relatively straight forward, then the TKL appliance should support it pretty easily I would hope.

Hi, Some good news ...


Some good news ... According to the following issue:

... the patches have been merged into Redmine's trunk. This seems to be after the release of version 1.3.2

Also, the changes  are present in the 1.4-stable branch:


(Waiting eagerly for the next rollup/update of TKL Redmine featuring these changes; 1.3.3 maybe :) )

Thanks and Regards,

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One more thing...

There is a TKLPatch to upgrade TKL v11.x Redmine to the latest here. TKLPatch docs are here. Post if there's anything you're not sure about.

TKLPatch for 1.4.x series ?

I guess this patches it only upto v 1.3.2 ? How can it be used to update TKL 11.3 - Redmine to Redmine v 1.4.1 ?



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