TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

Hi Scott, I am the VP of

Hi Scott, I am the VP of Marketing at BonitaSoft. I am intrigued to hear more about your appliance idea. What are you thinking?


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Hi Mac

I'm assuming that Scott is suggesting that TurnkeyLinux produce a software appliance (like the others that exist already) that includes Bonitasoft installed and somewhat preconfigured.

If it is something that you guys are interested in supporting then it could be something that you could work together on with the core TKL Devs? It could work for both parties by increasing your exposure (i.e. a Bonitiasoft appliance here in the TKL library) and also add value to your customers (i.e. your potential customers could download an ISO/VM image that is ready to roll).

With the size of the current library, work on a final v12.1 bugfix release, the devs' plans to include 64 bit support (currently appliances are only available 32 bit) and the work on the upcoming v13.x release (based on Debian Wheezy - so the TKL release can follow hot on the heels of the official Wheezy release) and a huge backlog of appliance requests, it may not be a huge priority for the devs.

Regardless, you guys may be willing to work on that yourselves? IMO TKL would be a great base for that sort of thing (i.e. start with the most relevant TKL appliance as a base and build on top of that). If you were to go down that path I suggest that if you create a TKLPatch then others could collaborate with you and the devs could pull from that if/when they officially release it. 

Any progress?

I'd be interested in this too. My work is shopping around for a solution and we always love TKL appliances. It's a shame this isn't here already because we would like to try it out quickly befofre purchasing a subscription.

One more.

Its a nice idea, and if need I could help.

jBPM / Activiti appliance

An other idea are a jBPM and/or Activiti appliance.

Alreay http://www.turnkeylinux.org/processmaker.

jBPM: https://github.com/droolsjbpm

Actitviti: https://github.com/Activiti/Activiti

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