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Hello everybody,
Why there is not a bind in the appliance zimbra because I don't find it when I want to modify it?

I have another question : My domain says to me that it is blocked by my server and I don't know why?

Hello, please help me it's


please help me it's very important


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You need to give more info

Where are you getting stuck? What have you tried?

Hello, thanks for the

Hello, thanks for the answer.

I don't have problem anymore of blocked domain because I reinstalled zimbra. On the other hand, my new problem is that I can send e-mails but no account receives them. It's for it that I wanted to reach in the bind. I have already made ''find'' to find it without results.

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DNS settings

Make sure your DNS settings are correct. See the appliance page for example settings.

Ok, thank you

Ok, thank you

Hello, Sorry, it's me


Sorry, it's me again.  So that I can enter the parameters finding it on the page in the link, I have to have access to the file " named.conf " which is in " bind " which is it in "etc." now the bind isn't in "etc.". Does anybody know where it is?  (Sorry for my bad english)


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Are you still having issues?

I'm not sure if BIND is installed in the Zimbra appliance by default? I don't think so (although I've no experience with it).

There is a really detailed post here which may be helpful. Have a go and if you're still stuck post back.

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