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Upgrade Bugzilla to 4.0

Hello all,

I would like to upgrade to Bugzilla 4.0 in the Turnkey Virtual appliance ...

After hours and hours of trying I just can't do it.

Would anybody have step-by-step instructions ?

Thanks a million in advance !

So I gave up on upgrading and

So I gave up on upgrading and used the Turnkey LAMP appliance to do a clean install of Bugzilla 4.0 following the instructions by MicroSumol ( http://www.microsumol.com/category/bugzilla/ ) and that worked !!!

Now I only have problems backing up and restoring the MySQL Db (Bugzilla 3.2 -> 4.0).

Anybody out there that can help me out ?

Marc Hav


The backup and restore issue was solved by RTFM ! lol

Marc Hav

can you give the steps

can you provied the steps you followed

what is mean by RTFM

what is mean by RTFM

It means: Read The F**king

It means: Read The F**king Manual :-)

Marc Hav

bugzilla upgrade from 3.2 to 4.

mysql table structure  is totally different  between Bugzilla 3.2 and  4.0.

how to import and export from bugzilla 3.2 to bugzilla 4.

after import it from bugzilla 3.2 to bugzilla 4.. its working?

Jeremy's picture

No idea sorry.

Probably more likely to get a useful answer over on the Bugzilla newsgroup/mail-list/IRC. Be great if you post back if you find a solution.

upgrade bugzilla from 3.4 to 4.0

I find it is really diffcult to upgrade bugzilla from 3.4.6 to the latest version 4.0.1, anyone can help me and give me some detailed steps, thanks you in advance, BTW, my database is mysql and it is already backup

I use apache software to

I use apache software to provide web service for my bugzilla server

bugzilla Version upgrade 3.0.5 to 4.0


We have problem with migrating the bugzilla version 3.0.5 to 4.0 .We have installed 4.0 version and need to restore the 3.0.5 version database to the new version 4.0.But it gives error e.g. feild not found,etc.

Since we need the 3.0.5 version's data and overcome this problem,what is best solutions for this?

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I suspect that you'll find the answer in Bugzilla documentation

So I'd go over to their website and have a read. I'm sure it's documented, if not then ask on their mailing list/forums/etc (as suggested above).

When you get it worked out, it'd be great if you could post back to save others the effort in future.

can you give the steps

can you give the steps

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