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TKLBAM overrides fails if there is a space in the path


I have just discovered tklbam and I am well impressed.

For one of my servers I need to exclude a number of files so I have added them to the overrides file. However if there is a space in the path or file name then tklbam falls over.

For example the line:

-/home/me/www/file withspace.htm

 in etc/tklbam/overrides gives

File "/usr/lib/tklbam/backup.py", line 53, in fromfile
raise Error(`limit` + " is not a legal limit")
backup.Error: 'withspace.htm' is not a legal limit

I have tried putting the path inside single or double quotes, no better, nor does escaping out the spaces with \ help.

Looking at the source could it would appear that the developers had forseen that several overrides could be put on the same line separated by spaces as there is "limits+=line.split()" in the code.

I have overcome the problem for the moment by substituting "\s" for the spaces in the file paths.


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