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Issues with uTorrent Server on the Torrent Appliance


I was having issues seeding torrents with MLDonkey in the Torrent Appliance, so I thought I'd try uTorrent Server. But no cookie! I have tried running the uTorrent Server from both a non-root user as well as root. The server starts successfully, but I get nothing on the default uTorrent webUI port <IP-address>:8080/gui

Oh, and this is atop the Torrent Appliance, in case that has any bearings on the issue. 

Any suggestions/pointers would be appreciated.


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No idea with uTorrent on Linux

TBH I'm not sure at all. I have used uTorrent (inc the WebUI), but only on a Win Desktop. I didn't even realise that uTorrent could run headlessly and TBH would expect that it would require some config (which I would imagine would need to be done through a GUI). Last time I used uTorrent on Win the WebUI needed to be configured from the GUI first.

Personally if you are happy with the TKL torrent appliance as-is I'd be looking at some other native Linux app, rather than a Win app that's been ported to Linux. I have read that Transmission can now run completely headlessly (although I haven't tried it) and there is also a pretty cool commandline Linux torrent client called rTorrent that I have used and it has a number of cool looking WebUIs available. I used one (I don't recall the name) at one point long ago and it worked well, but was a pain to setup and then died for no apparent reason. But that was years ago.

Transmissions works, but MLDonkey rules


Hi Jeremy,

I tried Transmission and it works right off that bat. Also tried Deluge and that works as well. The only reason I was looking for an alternative to MLDonkey was because I couldn't wrap my head around its complex UI. But once I got a hang of it, I could really appreciate its flexibility. With the WebUIs of both Transmission and Deluge you can't create your own .torrent file, but with MLDonkey you can (with the compute_torrent command).

If someone's looking for a hands-on tutorial...

..here it is: http://www.techradar.com/news/internet/how-to-set-up-a-torrent-server-10...

MLDonkey's UI isn't for the faint of heart, but once you get used to it, you wouldn't want to use another Torrent client.

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Fantastic work!

Nice work Mayank.

I only had a quick glance but that looks like an awesome tutorial! If it's ok with you it'd be great to copy-paste some of that into the TKL docs (the specifics of config and useage of the MLDonkey interface particularly). Obviously it would include need to include acknowledgement (and a link back to your original tutorial).

I'm not sure when I'll get around to it, but if you're happy with that and you have time and/or energy you could even do it yourself (the wiki should be writeable by anyone logged in). It'd probably best fit under a new entry in Appliance Specifc Notes.


Meant to do this earlier, but <inset-any-of-the-hundreds-of-excuses-you've-heard-before>

Here it is: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/node/3145

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I know what it's like. But thanks heaps for taking the time to do that! You're a legend! :)

utorrent on linux


if you want utorrent on this appliance i have it installed and fully configured. Just go to my page where I have all of my how to info.



I have walk through instructions for the following:

uTorrent On Linux Seed Box

uTorrent Linux SSH/CLI Interface

Gmail Notifications for uTorrent Linux

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