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ownCloud and general newbie

I discovered owncloud and have been playing with it.  I wanted to try the virtual machine and I have been able to download it and install it.  I can even use owncloud on it.  but for some reason I can't geto any of the admin apps.  This might be because I have never really used a system setup like this or something is not right and I can't figure it out.  per the screen on the VM running owncloud.


https:/192.xxx.xxx.xxx:12320 is webadmin, how ever this address only caues my browser to bring up a search engine tying to find it.  Same goes for anything that has a :XXXXX  But going to owncloud itself works fine.



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ownCloud and general newbie-use full ip address

You may want to use the full ip address as in this example :-


This will pop up a conformation window asking if you want to connect to a secure site .

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Run Scripts

Did you run confconsole?

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Thanks :)

thanks, https://192.168.x.x:12321 worked great and I was able to take a look around the webadmin interface.  I must say that I am really liking this solution so far.  At this point I have it running on a VM on my laptop and it is faster then the one installed directly to my Windows Box.

I do have more questions though..sorry :(


The next one is..  I am running this in a VM but would like to store the user files to a seperate partition.  I know that in ownCloud you can edit .conf file for ownclould and change the path that it saves the files.  I need to know how to best do that here.  I don't find it in the Webadmin interface at all (maybe at some point you could add something like that, it would be nice)  so, in short I need to know the best way to mount an external windows partition (external to the VM, still local to the host running the VM) and where the owncloud .conf file is so I can edit it.  


I am not a complete linux newbie, but am not super good with it either.  Mostly I have used Ubuntu.  


One other question.  What is your favorite VM software.  VMware, Virtual Box or an other?  I am looking for one that will give me good performance and be easy to maintain.  

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Favorite Virtual Environment

Proxmox is one of the easiest and best performing VE's out there.

There is also openstack but I have yet to dive into that one. I beleieve some of the devs are using it?

(Beat you to the punch Jeremy!)

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Proxmox looks interesting, and I do love Open Source.  But, checking the hardware recomendations seems to indicate they only expect this to be ran on some very high end server hardware.  how does it do on everyday desktop hardware?

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Chris beat me!

I am the TKL resident PVE evangelist! :)

At work I run it on Phenom 1090T (~2yo 6-core 3.2GHz) with 8GB RAM (ie higher end desktop hardware). It easily copes with various VMs (inc Server 2k3 AD/DNS/file server amoung other things). Actually the 2k3 server runs significantly better as a VM (with 2 cores and 2GB RAM) on this hardware than it did originally on the old hardware it was running on (baremetal with 2 cores and 2GB RAM).

And at home I have it running on an old Core2Duo desktop hardware (~6yo 2-core 2.13GHz) also with 8GB RAM. There I have about 12 VMs (all Linux OVZ templates - mostly TKL ones) running consistently (one of which is my sons Minecraft server which cops a flogging) and they all run sweet as!

So as long as it is 64 bit capable and has VM CPU extensions (pretty much all mainstream AMD Athlon64 and on CPUs and many Intel Core2Duo on CPUs)

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No Problem

Not sure where you read the req's from but I have successfully run proxmox with 6 appliances on an acer laptop with 4Gb RAM. The laptop cost about $500 new but I got it free from a client that could not repair it themselves. I use this a portable server for demonstrations.

The very high specs you read probably relate to the number of VM you plan on running. Obviously the more you run the more memory and drive space you need. Multicore processors also help but unless you get an atom processor these days everything is multicore (even the atoms!).

At a minimum I would use a system with 2Gb Ram pentium 4 and as much hdd as you can throw at it.

The only theoretical max would be the OS, 64bit which can address beyond anything known today and probably will be the case for 20 years.

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Beat me again!!


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Just Happend to be Around


Chris Musty


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Sold!  :)  Thanks for all the

Sold!  :)  Thanks for all the help.

Password not set to login on openVZ


Interesting read guys. Im a newb, and thikn i may nnot be seeing wood for the trees.

I installed the owncloud 12.01 template into proxmox.

On first boot, the console is just blank, just CT100:prompt, no request to set any passwords.

Ive looked in init boot logs and cant see any mention of password their either, just that it cant see server name so using 127.xxx

When i browse to the ip address of the server I can see lovely owncloud login screen, but I dont know the password as none was set. Where am I going wrong here?

Kind regards


I just guessed "turnkey" as

I just guessed "turnkey" as the passsword and hey presto!


Ive re read the page on owncloud here and I cant see turnkey mentioned as default password, only that it was updated to be requested on first boot by user. Have i missed something ~?

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Need to manually run init/firstboot scripts

See this post I just made on another thread. Different appliance, but the theory is the same.

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