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Joomla doesnt work !


Hi. I installed yesterday:

Joomla 2-5 - Cutting Edge Content Management provided by TurnKey, version 12, released 09/27/2012 throgh Amazon server.

The problem starts here: When I try to install any template for Joomla, it seems to upload the file fine, but Joomla doesnt answer nothing anything. The prompt is the same as always, as nothing installed o did nothing ! Whats happening?... Any other configuration missing prior to using the joomla website ???

Best regards, 

Marco Ovalle

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Need to be a bit more specific...

What is the template? (If it's a pay for one, then perhaps please test a free one so I can try to replicate the problem) What are the specific steps you are going through?

Not sure what is going on for you. Others are using it successfully...

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Make sure

  • the template is 2.5 compatible
  • is not zipped as an archive (ie the actual file to be uploaded is packaged with other docs)
  • the file permissions may need to be loosened up. Typically I do 
  • 		chmod -R 777 /var/www/joomla

Show us where you got the template and we will be able to answer most questions for you.

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies


... ok... sorry dudes... for late...

I solved it figuring out that the extension joomla wasn't an extension, was a complete joomla instalation so administration joomla could not done anything, because it reject the "extension component".

My mistake, and thanks for your help.

Marco Ovalle


Hi... Can you tell me How can I access via FTP to the site ?... Its on linux platform,:/ so I can not do much on this language. Any instructions in order to access, upload and download files?

Thanks again.

Marco Ovalle

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Filezilla is your friend

Download filezilla (www.filezilla.org) or use your favorite FTP application.

You will need a few things

  1. hostname or IP address
  2. username
  3. password
  4. port set to 22

This is what the top of filezilla looks like.

Once you have logged in successfully the joomla directory is in /var/www/joomla

Your PC files will be on the left and the servers files are on the right.

Dump files as necessary. If images you might want the /var/www/joomla/images directory for example

Chris Musty


Specialised Technologies

yes, but...

Ok... I know how to use ftp... but... What I meant... is... that ... when we created the AWS Joomla Turnkey Linux Server, It did not display any data about accessing via FTP; nor  email; nor any user / password. Is there something what I missed when I create my server ?:/

Marco Ovalle

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You will need either the root password

Or an SSH keypair (if you don't set a root password on launch then a random one is created).

If you haven't yet got any significant data in there yet, it's probably just easier to destroy your current instance and launch a new one from the Hub. If you do have data in there then perhaps the easiest way to go is to do a TKLBAM backup and restore it to a new instance. Make sure it all works in your new instance first though, before you destroy the old one...

You can set your root password from the WebUI when you launch it. Then use root as your username and the password you set - SFTP (ie FTP over SSH using port 22) is preconfigured and ready to go! :)

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