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19:08 Wed Feb 4 Going to look into that... CVE-2015-0235 GHOST: reboot or restart services
19:10 Wed Feb 4 Reboot CVE-2015-0235 GHOST: reboot or restart services
19:13 Wed Feb 4 Added the link CVE-2015-0235 GHOST: reboot or restart services
20:12 Wed Feb 4 Best Live Support Chat! Need website chat software
00:54 Thu Feb 5 Confirming solution LAMP doesn't boot on VMVirtualBox 4.2.16 - loading initial ramdisk...
01:40 Thu Feb 5 Any movement on this? Anyone had any success using TurnKey images on ARM devices?
09:08 Thu Feb 5 Probably the closest you'll get is the link I gave above... unable to update Wordpress ftp/ftps error
09:18 Thu Feb 5 By the sounds of it... Turnkey WordPress on first-boot : what is my wordpress login?
09:42 Thu Feb 5 TBH I have no experience with any of that stuff... Enable and use Git in TKL WordPress
09:44 Thu Feb 5 Glad it all got worked out in the end Amazon Cancelling; Where Do I Update Credit Card
09:48 Thu Feb 5 Best backup soluition software Scheduling backups
10:13 Thu Feb 5 Zersiax's Screen Reader A practical intelligence amplification hack that really works: how to use your phone's TTS engine to give your brain a boost
10:34 Thu Feb 5 Sorry I'm slow to reply OpenVPN refused to start
11:14 Thu Feb 5 Doesn't make any sense to me... deeply confused - redirect to jut.io - bugzilla
11:39 Thu Feb 5 AFAIK TurnKey Fileserver doesn't include FTP OOTB anonymous ftp with turnkey fileserver
11:55 Thu Feb 5 I'd probably create a symlink Bugzilla 13.0 and cron tasks... Missing files
12:19 Thu Feb 5 There are a ton of options... VM Shared Folders are much slower than using /var/www
12:40 Thu Feb 5 Hi Julien ProFTPD Setup and Configuration
12:45 Thu Feb 5 I suspect that the appliance has changed. Problem running Configure in TWiki
12:52 Thu Feb 5 It will be phplist version 3