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Recent comments

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06:54 Thu Sep 3 This is what Grid Edit should look like Activate PHPMyAdmin Grid Edit
06:47 Thu Sep 3 Grid edit makes me home Activate PHPMyAdmin Grid Edit
01:46 Thu Sep 3 Not sure mate Strange Forum "editability"
21:52 Wed Sep 2 Failing with the following: Installing Odoo step by step on Turnkey Linux
20:26 Wed Sep 2 Needs to be a VER call as well (see /0.12/ ) before Installing Odoo step by step on Turnkey Linux
16:05 Wed Sep 2 Not sure what's going on...? Proxmox VE 3.4 + OpenVZ + Observium TKL 13.0: Services don't autostart after turnkey-init
15:15 Wed Sep 2 Alternative: TKL-Core as a Docker Image Retrofit existing debian installation with TKLBAM
15:15 Wed Sep 2 So it sends email ok to gmail? bugzilla cant't send mail
15:11 Wed Sep 2 Try just reinstalling them After apt-get upgrade webmin not up.
15:06 Wed Sep 2 Sorry I'm still not quite clear what the problem actually is access with dynamic dns does not work on LAN
15:00 Wed Sep 2 TBH I have no idea Activate PHPMyAdmin Grid Edit
14:53 Wed Sep 2 Sorry for super slow reply... Backing up restored server to new backup destination
05:14 Wed Sep 2 We've got this building with the following in TKLDEV Installing Odoo step by step on Turnkey Linux
05:07 Wed Sep 2 Where did the "spam" button go? Strange Forum "editability"
04:59 Wed Sep 2 Any paying that I know of to Turnkeylinux goes through Amazon how could i add epay as my payment option here?
02:38 Wed Sep 2 GitLab is more of a GIT administration interface than repository TKL gitlab vs. revision control
17:17 Mon Aug 31 details... access with dynamic dns does not work on LAN
16:56 Sun Aug 30 Thank you Jeremy, much Retrofit existing debian installation with TKLBAM
21:29 Fri Aug 28 The "e" is variable Creating a bootable USB drive from an ISO image
17:38 Fri Aug 28 would be great, if there is Domain Controller