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10:25 Sun Jan 25 hello     I tryed to test Why use XMPP: native clients vs generic IM alternatives
22:39 Sat Jan 24 news? SMF Forum
19:35 Sat Jan 24 help ? how do I use this Back to Ajaxplorer
09:43 Sat Jan 24 But the difference is only a single word!!! OpenVPN port for the managment interface at /admin
02:12 Sat Jan 24 Ok I think I know what is going on... selecting key-pair at launch
01:53 Sat Jan 24 No the appliance doesn't include MySQL ejabbered mysql odbc
01:44 Sat Jan 24 I ended up testing myself GitLab -- nginx "502 Bad Gateway" Error
01:40 Sat Jan 24 Ok, I've done some digging... OpenVPN port for the managment interface at /admin
00:04 Sat Jan 24 Thanks, but selecting key-pair at launch
23:43 Fri Jan 23 If only it were that simple... [NEW] Guide: Turnkey Redmine Upgrade
23:30 Fri Jan 23 Thanks heaps for your input David GitLab -- nginx "502 Bad Gateway" Error
18:17 Fri Jan 23 upgrdae [NEW] Guide: Turnkey Redmine Upgrade
16:16 Fri Jan 23 Yep, I've checked. OpenVPN port for the managment interface at /admin
14:56 Fri Jan 23 gitlab thread re 502 GitLab -- nginx "502 Bad Gateway" Error
14:47 Fri Jan 23 502 Gateway Error GitLab -- nginx "502 Bad Gateway" Error
12:46 Fri Jan 23 New update owncloud howto upgrade owncloud to higher 5 version
08:12 Fri Jan 23 TBH I'm not sure... OpenVPN port for the managment interface at /admin
02:04 Fri Jan 23 Yes very active! Wordpress 4?
01:32 Fri Jan 23 Hmm yes very weird... PostgreSQL very slow
01:07 Fri Jan 23 Tests fine for me... PostgreSQL very slow