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20:18 Thu Sep 18 Spam problems Why all the spam?
19:46 Thu Sep 18 Chat4Support recommendation I need a live chat support solution for my real estate website?
18:51 Thu Sep 18 Let me know what you find...I'm about to deploy Gitlab Gitlab Service won't start after reboot
18:43 Thu Sep 18 I git-cloned lamp again to Renaming a product
16:42 Thu Sep 18 Is anyone working on File Server - Ajaxplorer - upgrade issues
15:13 Thu Sep 18 Speech rate scale A practical intelligence amplification hack that really works: how to use your phone's TTS engine to give your brain a boost
11:45 Thu Sep 18 website CometChat software Need website chat software
04:12 Thu Sep 18 TinyMCE is much better TinyMCE vs CKEditor: battle of titans! (of WYSIWYG editing)
12:44 Wed Sep 17 A Google search should answer your question Port redirects and the turnkey app
12:31 Wed Sep 17 The general recommendation is to disable root login Rogue root login attempts
12:04 Wed Sep 17 Hi Ho off we go to the theme market :-) Good design is harder than it looks
11:00 Wed Sep 17 Forgotten user acct, not root 5 months smooth sailing has caused a slight problem
09:37 Wed Sep 17 Reset Debian root password 5 months smooth sailing has caused a slight problem
01:51 Wed Sep 17 Thanks Rogue root login attempts
20:17 Tue Sep 16 Thanks John! TurnKey nominated for SourceForge POTM
20:11 Tue Sep 16 The ports in the logs are source ports not destination ports Rogue root login attempts
20:00 Tue Sep 16 Deleted all spam and tightened the screws on spam filtering Why all the spam?
19:57 Tue Sep 16 TKLBAM doesn't even use your AWS credentials Keys compromised, switch to IAM User? What User Policies to use
19:34 Tue Sep 16 Whack a mole Why all the spam?
17:31 Tue Sep 16 Thank You a million times!! Extending an LVM volume: Physical volumes (partitions) -> Volume groups -> Logical volume -> Filesystem