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14:52 Sat Nov 15 I have moved to a VPS, Upgrade to VPS or dedicated server
05:49 Sat Nov 15 It seems I have this same Error establishing a database connection
21:32 Fri Nov 14 thanks Can i remaster Can't find a SQUASHFS superblock
14:04 Fri Nov 14 LiveSquare 24/7 Live Chat Software & Agents I need a live chat support solution for my real estate website?
06:40 Fri Nov 14 Great start RT: Request Tracker App Development
06:34 Fri Nov 14 Great! Thanks for your input :) SSL Issues when behind reverse proxy + suggestion
05:47 Fri Nov 14 Thanks, working good rsyslog spinning CPU on openvz
05:32 Fri Nov 14 Just thought I would comment. SSL Issues when behind reverse proxy + suggestion
04:02 Fri Nov 14 For people watching this thread... RT by Best Practical
03:01 Fri Nov 14 A few thoughts... Restore consumes all instance-based storage
01:28 Fri Nov 14 Great work all round Ken! RT by Best Practical
01:22 Fri Nov 14 Thanks for the feedback SSL Issues when behind reverse proxy + suggestion
00:53 Fri Nov 14 Ok, this one RT by Best Practical
00:39 Fri Nov 14 Good idea aServer - a Mac Server replacement
00:18 Fri Nov 14 Let us know how you go TKL Core for Raspberry Pi
00:13 Fri Nov 14 Yeah I think that's the way to go aServer - a Mac Server replacement
00:09 Fri Nov 14 Great suggestion Tim Wordpress - ftp and update issues
23:44 Thu Nov 13 Thanks for that Ejabberd Speege chat help- any documentations?
23:24 Thu Nov 13 Are you using a TurnKey ISO? Can't find a SQUASHFS superblock
20:43 Thu Nov 13 #!/bin/sh -e is dangerous Two simple tricks for better shell script error handling