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Recent comments

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04:25 Mon Apr 27 Are you using TLKX hub or AWS console? Change Root Access
16:31 Wed Apr 29 Used Snapshot Clone From Latest Snapshot vs TKLBAM
03:01 Wed Apr 29 Sorry for slow response Brian... Clone From Latest Snapshot vs TKLBAM
23:42 Tue Apr 28 Really looking for an answer here Clone From Latest Snapshot vs TKLBAM
12:08 Mon May 4 Final solution! Config outgoing email SMTP
18:18 Sun May 10 config PHP Config outgoing email SMTP
16:39 Tue Apr 28 Try restarting Apache Create New User and Increase Max File Size
22:12 Mon May 11 Still a way to get ISOLINUX working again with TKLDEV Wheezy 64? Creating a bootable USB drive from an ISO image
11:22 Fri May 15 Document management system Document Management
01:23 Sun May 17 Problem with the email send by rules Drupal Rules in a nutshell
16:46 Mon May 4 There is something wrong... Drupal7 : PDOException: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied
21:15 Sat May 2 MySQL problem Drupal7 : PDOException: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied
19:51 Sun May 17 Any Progress Etherpad no plugins found/not installing propperly
13:08 Mon May 18 We're working on a new release. Etherpad no plugins found/not installing propperly
12:21 Sun May 17 Currently TurnKey does not include an FTP server FTP Server for Ushahidi Turnkey deployment
15:58 Mon May 4 Yes but we need someone to make it... Guacamole and TurnKey Linux...
16:20 Mon May 4 I reckon that you could set all that up GUI for Netatalk? Common portal for LAN services?
11:39 Sat May 9 cant open joomla page hostname access to joomla 1.5 turnkey linux vm not working but I can ping it by hostname?
11:40 Sun May 17 I know nothing about Mercurial... How to configure SSH for Mercurial
00:22 Wed May 20 apt-get commands Installing additional software via the APT package manager