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Recent comments

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13:03 Fri Apr 24 I guess I need to find out if its possible or practical then. :) (concept Idea only) ISO file with other templates inside
03:58 Sun Apr 26 TKLDev makes ISOs and BuildTasks makes the other formats... (concept Idea only) ISO file with other templates inside
02:56 Wed Apr 22 Cool idea (concept Idea only) ISO file with other templates inside
14:54 Wed Apr 1 TBH I'm not sure about port 12322 12322 port of apache after installing turnkey ejabbered from amazon store not working
14:49 Wed Apr 1 Sorry not sure if anyone here will be any help About debug.log in bitcoin core and cgminer!
07:38 Thu Apr 9 Thank you, this worked Adding LDAP support to bugzilla turnkey is failing with missing compiler error
01:29 Fri Apr 17 Updated commands: Announcing TurnKey OpenStack optimized builds
03:36 Fri Apr 17 Thanks so much! Announcing TurnKey OpenStack optimized builds
22:28 Thu Apr 16 out of date Announcing TurnKey OpenStack optimized builds
07:04 Fri Apr 3 No worries! :) Building with di-live
03:21 Sat Apr 4 A couple of things... Building with di-live
19:10 Fri Apr 3 Yep, I found di-live-master Building with di-live
00:50 Fri Apr 3 Thank you for responding! Building with di-live
00:09 Fri Apr 3 Why not try using TKLDev to build your desired OS? Building with di-live
21:59 Mon Apr 6 No-go on either suggestion Building with di-live
02:25 Tue Apr 7 A few thoughts/comments Building with di-live
17:48 Wed Apr 8 Ok, thanks again Building with di-live
14:46 Wed Apr 1 It happens to the best of us! :) Cannot log into VM
09:20 Fri Apr 10 Apache user changed Cannot upload to Wordpress Media Library (in Wordpress Appliance)
12:12 Mon Apr 27 Okay I get it, create a new Change Root Access