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Recent comments

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00:36 Thu Jul 10 For Openstack? Does anyone have the .raw image of the lamp stack?
02:33 Thu Jul 10 I already tried all that but Does anyone have the .raw image of the lamp stack?
02:27 Thu Jul 10 You should be able to convert VMDK to .raw Does anyone have the .raw image of the lamp stack?
17:43 Mon Jun 16 Not Samba 4 Domain Controller
10:39 Sat Jun 21 As noted... Domain Controller
21:47 Wed Jun 25 open atrium DrupalCorn Camp 2013
07:28 Wed Jul 9 it works thanks Error when launching Canvas
03:36 Thu Jul 10 Thanks for posting this Error when launching Canvas
00:49 Thu Jul 3 It was my router... Failed to bring up eth0
05:55 Fri Jul 11 This is pure genius! FLOSS weekly interview with TurnKey's Jeremy Davis
03:48 Sat Jun 21 Where are you running this? Fresh TKL ownCloud install, login credentials
04:06 Sat Jun 21 Debian Wheezy fstab not mounting CIFS share at boot
04:07 Sat Jun 21 Cool thanks! fstab not mounting CIFS share at boot
14:26 Sat Jul 12 Certainly can! :) Getting started with TKL Core
16:49 Wed Jun 25 ngnix proxy configuration also needs a change GitLab HTTP Port
20:45 Tue Jul 8 Thanks Guacamole 9.1 Appliance
12:33 Wed Jul 9 Fixed Help i get told that i have not enabled TurnKey Linux on Amazon EC2
10:09 Wed Jun 18 Where is the link to the App How do you run an Android App in a Linux Platform?
19:28 Thu Jul 3 OTRS to Exchange 2010 How do you set up OTRS to receive emails. It sends them just fine.
08:00 Wed Jul 9 Live Chat Support Software How I can get real time chat solution for my website ?