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Recent comments

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15:50 Tue Jan 13 My hope was for shared binaries LXC containers use what from the host?
18:18 Thu Jan 29 executing binary or shell script inside the container from host LXC containers use what from the host?
08:46 Sun Jan 11 Cool! LXC containers use what from the host?
11:54 Fri Jan 30 I'm not an expert in Docker... LXC containers use what from the host?
08:57 Wed Jan 14 Not that I'm aware of... LXC containers use what from the host?
10:26 Tue Jan 13 Of course, you can also run LXC containers use what from the host?
07:20 Sun Jan 11 HI!!  I just learned about LXC containers use what from the host?
03:24 Wed Jan 28 Install Instructions LXDE review: it zips, it flies! (base for client-side TurnKey appliances?)
02:17 Thu Jan 29 pear setup for mediawiki MediaWiki Appliance - Pear mail package is not installed Error
12:26 Mon Jan 19 Online chat rooms Need live chat plugin for blog
15:54 Tue Jan 13 No "set" Required! NFS Share not mounting on Boot
20:50 Fri Jan 30 hola No Juju for you! Ubuntu's Not Invented Here syndrome
04:59 Thu Jan 29 Hydergine Nootropics: meta-research summary
14:59 Sat Jan 31 EREMAX Nootropics: meta-research summary
13:42 Wed Jan 21 Testing the most popular nootropic supplements Nootropics: meta-research summary
07:45 Thu Jan 8 Confused? The host IP is not the host's IP. On my Kindle I am root
08:26 Mon Jan 12 password policy in opel ldap OpenLDAP
10:17 Sat Jan 17 Reboot fixed the issue, but no internet OpenVPN on amazon AWS
23:51 Mon Jan 19 Thanks for posting back OpenVPN on amazon AWS
07:42 Mon Jan 19 I thought I can update about OpenVPN on amazon AWS