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01:08 Sat Apr 11 Wordpress has a simple comment blocker...does Drupal? Some spam bots are human
07:36 Tue Apr 28 Sounds like a great thing Tim... Some spam bots are human
19:05 Thu Apr 23 Great, that worked nicely Swap Drive Question
04:17 Thu Apr 16 You can add it if you want Swap Drive Question
00:52 Wed Apr 8 So long as they are installed from Wheezy main repo Things installed manually via apt-get not getting restored via tklbam
21:07 Tue Apr 7 Better question Things installed manually via apt-get not getting restored via tklbam
13:11 Thu Apr 30 Static URL TKL Community SourceForge downloads
16:57 Mon May 4 Worth a try but unfortunately not sorry TKL Community SourceForge downloads
16:56 Mon May 4 KT-CE is abandonware... TKL Community SourceForge downloads
18:43 Thu Apr 30 Sorry for the TKL Community SourceForge downloads
17:51 Thu Apr 30 What is KT? (Tk?)(K2?) TKL Community SourceForge downloads
02:41 Tue Apr 7 No worries! :) TKL HUB change region
02:32 Tue Apr 7 Currently that is not manually configurable TKL HUB change region
02:25 Tue Apr 7 thanks man TKL HUB change region
14:27 Tue Apr 14 Thanks a TKL Wordpress - Need Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM5708 Gigabit Ethernet drivers.
12:39 Thu Apr 30 success TKLBAM restore from S3 time out
16:38 Mon May 4 Sorry I didn't reply sooner... TKLBAM restore from S3 time out
02:07 Tue Apr 21 'BuildTasks' now publicly available TKLdev build: ISO to OpenVZ?
13:46 Sat Apr 18 No worries TKLDev Control Questions
12:07 Sat Apr 25 Perhaps my last post was premature... TKLDev Control Questions