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Recent comments

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09:23 Thu Nov 6 Great work! :) Request for help creating an official (afp) TKL Time Machine Appliance
08:03 Thu Nov 27 relinux debian installation Remastersys-like snapshot iso builder.
04:13 Thu Nov 27 Is it one or another? Remastersys-like snapshot iso builder.
22:27 Tue Nov 25 Yes this continues to be an issue... pricing of EC2 instances on TKL Hub (once again?) out of sync with official AWS info?
09:34 Tue Nov 25 So are you using TurnKey? password for canvas
22:39 Tue Nov 25 Ok... password for canvas
09:30 Tue Nov 25 Assuming you are using latest TurnKey password for canvas
08:04 Tue Nov 25 My problem seen to have password for canvas
10:35 Mon Nov 24 Struggling to login to Canvas password for canvas
15:40 Tue Nov 25 HI Jeremy, I did the launch password for canvas
08:14 Thu Nov 6 TBH I'm not sure OpenVPN on amazon AWS
22:38 Tue Nov 4 Ok, I think I worked it out... OpenVPN on amazon AWS
19:09 Wed Nov 5 Yes all working :) OpenVPN on amazon AWS
05:58 Sat Nov 8 Thanks for your input OpenVPN on amazon AWS
21:59 Tue Nov 4 A quick google suggests that this is a Debian regression OpenVPN on amazon AWS
05:56 Sat Nov 8 openvpn installer OpenVPN on amazon AWS
19:59 Sat Nov 22 OpenScholar Appliance Exists OpenScholar
01:05 Thu Nov 20 Thanx Jeremy Network settings not updating in confconsole
00:45 Thu Nov 20 Hehe! It happens to the best of us! :) Network settings not updating in confconsole
22:18 Wed Nov 19 Feeling soo soo dumb right now ;) Network settings not updating in confconsole