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Recent comments

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03:45 Wed Jul 23 Bypass Amazon proxy - need a how to On my Kindle I am root
03:38 Wed Jul 23 Use KUAL and Liberator On my Kindle I am root
00:18 Tue Jul 15 I have experience with using On my Kindle I am root
09:34 Thu Jul 24 Root Password - have this ready & block updates On my Kindle I am root
22:47 Thu Jul 10 Well, i tried the above NFS Share not mounting on Boot
13:47 Tue Jul 15 Coova developer wanted Need help/advice for CoovaChilli + FreeRadius2 + Drupal Hotspot Module
05:59 Thu Jul 10 I was hoping I could edit my MySQL Secure Installation
02:08 Thu Jul 10 How to tighten the screws MySQL Secure Installation
12:45 Sat Jul 12 Hmmm... TBH not sure... mySQL DB server access from another ec2 account not working
19:26 Sat Jul 26 I've also been a sleep My TTS sleep hack: a hi-tech cure for insomnia
21:25 Sun Jul 27 I usually delete ad comments My TTS sleep hack: a hi-tech cure for insomnia
23:12 Wed Jul 23 Awesome! Moodle Appliance keeps failing
00:57 Thu Jul 10 Memory problems? Moodle Appliance keeps failing
22:45 Wed Jul 23 :-O Holy crap that Moodle Appliance keeps failing
21:46 Wed Jul 23 Possible fix? Moodle Appliance keeps failing
03:25 Fri Jul 25 Nice work guys... Moodle Appliance keeps failing
13:30 Wed Jul 2 Sorry for delay replying... Migrating wordpress from Windows
19:43 Mon Jul 28 .wbt for installing in Webmin's-Interface Metal - Webmin theme
00:45 Mon Jul 28 Setup new master mirror LXC-appliance .iso missing from mirrors
00:40 Thu Jul 10 Sourceforge broke our mirror master LXC-appliance .iso missing from mirrors