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20:46 Tue Jan 6 Worked like a charm - thanks! Fix for apt-get: Could not resolve 'archive.ubuntu.com'
21:57 Tue Jan 6 Is this TurnKey appliance? Cannot upload to Wordpress Media Library (in Wordpress Appliance)
23:09 Tue Jan 6 Hmm, let's lodge an issue. Restore this backup to a new cloud server does not remember EBS Size
04:38 Wed Jan 7 The glass half full version... The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn
03:57 Thu Jan 8 Thanks for Lodging the Issue Restore this backup to a new cloud server does not remember EBS Size
07:45 Thu Jan 8 Confused? The host IP is not the host's IP. On my Kindle I am root
19:04 Thu Jan 8 Next section, to avoid spam filter [TKLDev] Problems using TKLDev on Docker or OpenStack
00:30 Fri Jan 9 Hi Geoffroy [TKLDev] Problems using TKLDev on Docker or OpenStack
02:43 Fri Jan 9 I just came across this thread again... Trying install of Minecraft turnkey server...
02:50 Fri Jan 9 Unless it is blocked somewhere should work OOTB Canvas LMS eMail Setup
05:01 Fri Jan 9 TurnKey Bitkey is a 'desktop' type distro Why the Turnkey Linux ISO is bigger than most of the Turnkey App ISOs?
11:19 Fri Jan 9 Hi Jeremy, I installed on Canvas LMS eMail Setup
19:50 Fri Jan 9 RDP to windows via linux on chromebook Chromebook Acer C720 review: the browser is the operating system and it doesn't suck
06:09 Sat Jan 10 Do you intend to run it on AWS? Canvas LMS eMail Setup
06:25 Sat Jan 10 There will be an update Concrete5 Applicance
11:56 Sat Jan 10 Thanks Canvas LMS eMail Setup
23:46 Sat Jan 10 Ah ok... Canvas LMS eMail Setup
01:54 Sun Jan 11 ownCloud 7 install instead of an upgrade OwnCloud Upgrade doesn't want to work
05:07 Sun Jan 11 It is because of your local DNS Hub Host Name assignment may have an error
05:11 Sun Jan 11 LXC containers are like a VM LXC containers use what from the host?