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05:48 Fri Feb 6 Thanks for sharing :) FTP Server Installation - Chrooted users - Mysql accounts - Quotas - Web Interface
05:46 Fri Feb 6 Generally we don't allow advertising/spam ProFTPD Setup and Configuration
02:45 Fri Feb 6 awesome Metal - Webmin theme
01:18 Fri Feb 6 Ubuntu/Debian No Juju for you! Ubuntu's Not Invented Here syndrome
22:47 Thu Feb 5 I work at Jut deeply confused - redirect to jut.io - bugzilla
22:40 Thu Feb 5 Source RPMs for RHEL are No Juju for you! Ubuntu's Not Invented Here syndrome
22:11 Thu Feb 5 Samba works well, problem is VM Shared Folders are much slower than using /var/www
17:42 Thu Feb 5 We are talking about Turnkey Linux, right? anonymous ftp with turnkey fileserver
16:38 Thu Feb 5 Thanks, Jeremy. My problem VM Shared Folders are much slower than using /var/www
16:27 Thu Feb 5 re: FTP Server Appliance wanted ProFTPD Setup and Configuration
14:37 Thu Feb 5 I have no idea how that happened anonymous ftp with turnkey fileserver
14:18 Thu Feb 5 I'm a little confused: I have anonymous ftp with turnkey fileserver
13:28 Thu Feb 5 Fantastic! :) ProFTPD Setup and Configuration
13:26 Thu Feb 5 Sorry I am not aware of anything like that. Linux watchdog handler
13:25 Thu Feb 5 Depends what you want to achieve Linux system monitoring tools
13:17 Thu Feb 5 Thanks for the link email Server
13:06 Thu Feb 5 Hi Dani. Thanks for the kind words :) Why not a .vbox in the "default ZIP build" for an appliance (in addition to the .vmx)?
12:58 Thu Feb 5 Nothing official released yet Anyone had any success using TurnKey images on ARM devices?
12:54 Thu Feb 5 FTP Server install ProFTPD Setup and Configuration
12:52 Thu Feb 5 It will be phplist version 3