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21:52 Mon Aug 3 Hi Jeremy, Thanks for the Upgrade Apache from 2.2.22
23:29 Mon Aug 3 Use IE Tab in Chrome to allow Webmin to not be sluggish Java No Longer Supported in Spartan and Google Chrome
04:40 Tue Aug 4 I recommend 'apt-cache policy' Upgrade Apache from 2.2.22
04:48 Tue Aug 4 Webmin are working on an HTML5/JavaScript file manager Java No Longer Supported in Spartan and Google Chrome
05:10 Tue Aug 4 TBH I've never done it but this should work TKLBAM feature
07:56 Tue Aug 4 Work perfect to me Turnkey Moodle Upgrade Process - Frustrating
12:05 Tue Aug 4 succes ! restoring one database tklbam ... TKLBAM feature
15:26 Tue Aug 4 Hi Jeremy, That is perfect. Upgrade Apache from 2.2.22
22:09 Tue Aug 4 Install TurnKey Core 13.0 RC (i386, amd64, wheezy)
00:19 Wed Aug 5 overlapse vhost
02:58 Wed Aug 5 I suspect that you need to add '--skip-files' TKLBAM feature
03:00 Wed Aug 5 Oops, my bad! Looks like I've lead you astray... vhost
04:25 Thu Aug 6 Sounds cool vSphere Content Libraries
10:49 Fri Aug 7 Fantastic post!   BF Self-experimenting with Nootropics (AKA smart drugs)
11:28 Fri Aug 7 Thank you so much for sharing 4 simple software optimization tips
11:35 Fri Aug 7 You can signal the Linux Invalidating the disk cache on Linux
15:50 Fri Aug 7 It should be a long string of random characters Initial root password - Magento EC2 instance
16:01 Fri Aug 7 Thanks for reply. The syslog Initial root password - Magento EC2 instance
17:13 Fri Aug 7 Hmmm that doesn't look right!! Initial root password - Magento EC2 instance
17:27 Fri Aug 7 I can't reproduce it... Initial root password - Magento EC2 instance