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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
14:57 Sat Jul 12 I ran into a few issues building a generic build TKLPatch - FOG-server
14:48 Sat Jul 12 Try the v12.1 version Clipbucket PHP CLI
14:40 Sat Jul 12 What app are you using? Cron sending emails
14:29 Sat Jul 12 AHA! LAMP GUI?
14:26 Sat Jul 12 Certainly can! :) Getting started with TKL Core
14:04 Sat Jul 12 Kindle as SSH Client? On my Kindle I am root
13:10 Sat Jul 12 Bottom line... How to set up a VPS with TurnKey Linux OS and ( multiple) TurnKeyLinux Apps for multiple domainnames ?
12:45 Sat Jul 12 Hmmm... TBH not sure... mySQL DB server access from another ec2 account not working
12:40 Sat Jul 12 Hi Martin TKL ClipBucket 13 dont work out of the box
02:51 Sat Jul 12 Clipbucket TKL ClipBucket 13 dont work out of the box
05:55 Fri Jul 11 This is pure genius! FLOSS weekly interview with TurnKey's Jeremy Davis
02:54 Fri Jul 11 This is old, but still suggest Open BlueDragon (OpenBD) as virtual appliance
23:22 Thu Jul 10 No luck with the bind approach Change default cache location for TKLBAM backups
22:47 Thu Jul 10 Well, i tried the above NFS Share not mounting on Boot
22:41 Thu Jul 10 Same problem Cron sending emails
20:49 Thu Jul 10 Trying to import a SSL cert from Exchange 2010 fixed owncloud SSL issue
18:31 Thu Jul 10 Trying to import a SSL cert from Exchange 2010 owncloud SSL issue
14:58 Thu Jul 10 customer support software How I can get real time chat solution for my website ?
14:54 Thu Jul 10 Still coming? TKLPatch - FOG-server
11:26 Thu Jul 10 Could you provide more Does anyone have the .raw image of the lamp stack?