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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
04:35 Wed Oct 14 believe it is the following Debian 8.2 apt-get update error
01:47 Wed Oct 14 How to configure Time Server Sync Settings in CLI? Configuring the timezone on TurnKey Linux
18:34 Tue Oct 13 For the love of me, i cannot OTRS Scheduler
12:41 Tue Oct 13 v14 VM images v14.0 stable release - Massive Community Effort!
09:36 Tue Oct 13 Great Post !! Getting into the zone - Crazy tips for maximum productivity
07:52 Tue Oct 13 not sure its use then, be it OTRS Scheduler
07:04 Tue Oct 13 Will help others for sure Fileserver appliance(14) Webmin not working
07:01 Tue Oct 13 I'll write it in English OTRS Scheduler
06:49 Tue Oct 13 deleted spam OTRS Scheduler
06:32 Tue Oct 13 There is a LigHTTPd appliance... How to implement lighttpd simple vhosts
06:26 Tue Oct 13 Glad you got it sorted Getting charged Elastic IP - How to release or use it
06:22 Tue Oct 13 The server not showing by default is normal Fileserver V13 (32 bits) Partman Manual Partitioning No option to change existing partition
03:19 Tue Oct 13 tnx Fileserver appliance(14) Webmin not working
22:17 Mon Oct 12 What does this command OTRS Scheduler
19:45 Mon Oct 12 Thank you! Your fix worked GitLab Troubles (SOLVED!)
16:06 Mon Oct 12 i am going to say that was a OTRS Scheduler
08:58 Mon Oct 12 Sorry for delayed response Connecting to remote mysql server
08:41 Mon Oct 12 Thanks nginx 14 SSL fix
03:51 Mon Oct 12 Great work! Fileserver appliance(14) Webmin not working
08:52 Sun Oct 11 Never mind... How to implement lighttpd simple vhosts