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16:26 Tue Sep 2 Lisp is readable enough but... To Lisp or not to Lisp, that is the question.
02:52 Wed Sep 3 Have been throught the Power management
06:31 Wed Sep 3 No takers? TKLBAM to a separate S3 bucket
12:05 Wed Sep 3 .....PLEASE, HELP ME!!! Send email issue: messages remain in postfix queue.
12:54 Wed Sep 3 I can give you a hand..I have multisite working in virtualbox WordPress multisite support - does not work for local install
13:17 Wed Sep 3 You can try to mount an ISO and repair the OS boot error with TKL Wordpress image in Virtualbox
13:24 Wed Sep 3 SOLVED!!! Send email issue: messages remain in postfix queue.
14:04 Wed Sep 3 --address s3://... TKLBAM to a separate S3 bucket
14:08 Wed Sep 3 Try adjusting your main.cf file Multiple Domains to one Server issues
14:20 Wed Sep 3 --skip-database or add -mysql:database_name tklbam-backup: Backup the current system
14:23 Wed Sep 3 Typo in your IP address? LAMP | Moodle and MediaWiki not working after server reboot
14:24 Wed Sep 3 Phew! Send email issue: messages remain in postfix queue.
17:48 Wed Sep 3 Any others ports What ports need to be open to support TKLBAM?
18:56 Wed Sep 3 I hadn't even considered that To Lisp or not to Lisp, that is the question.
20:33 Wed Sep 3 How can we help? KVM Templates for OnApp Platforms
20:45 Wed Sep 3 Ordered the FreeGo myself! A practical intelligence amplification hack that really works: how to use your phone's TTS engine to give your brain a boost
21:11 Wed Sep 3 Several possible limitations to extropolating from modern physic A Universe from nothing? Lawrence Krauss
21:20 Wed Sep 3 The complexity of the free software ecosystem is humbling No Juju for you! Ubuntu's Not Invented Here syndrome
21:22 Wed Sep 3 Bonus points if you can TKL BitCoin Mine appliance
21:31 Wed Sep 3 Very good start! Request for help creating an official (afp) TKL Time Machine Appliance