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Recent comments

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01:11 Tue Sep 8 i try to root kindle but this On my Kindle I am root
14:06 Tue Sep 8 Sorry no idea... Activate PHPMyAdmin Grid Edit
14:16 Tue Sep 8 Sorry for slow reply Using AWS CLI to launch instance - ami doesn't exist
14:20 Tue Sep 8 Hmm... Micro MySQL displays "Installing security updates"
14:45 Tue Sep 8 TBH I don't know much about this... etherpad admin access
14:52 Tue Sep 8 Sorry for slow reply... Marching towards v14.0 RC2
14:53 Tue Sep 8 Thanks for the encouragement! Marching towards v14.0 RC2
16:10 Tue Sep 8 Hi Jeremy,Thanks for Change location of /var/www
18:40 Wed Sep 9 On the "development" Jessie Builds (how to apply to Webmin-Shell Self signed and trusted SSL certificates
02:15 Thu Sep 10 Error: Database connection failed Micro Moodle Error: Database connection failed
13:53 Thu Sep 10 Very good product. Marching towards v14.0 RC2
23:10 Thu Sep 10 As mentioned in this post, I TKLDev can't build core
23:14 Thu Sep 10 ISO wont boot TKLDev can't build core
01:57 Fri Sep 11 A few different options Change location of /var/www
02:31 Fri Sep 11 Not very familiar with Webmin Change location of /var/www
02:35 Fri Sep 11 Hi Rob Paid Plan Support Email
02:44 Fri Sep 11 Hmm very weird... Can't restore from s3://s3.amazonaws.com as backup is on s3://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com
02:51 Fri Sep 11 So you have updated Moodle? Micro Moodle Error: Database connection failed
04:09 Fri Sep 11 Hi Justin TKLDev can't build core
05:01 Fri Sep 11 If you can give me all the "typical" details then I can!!! :) Typical TKLBAM and amazon backup times?