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07:53 Fri Jul 31 BALAJI OPTICS | LARGE FORMAT F-MOUNT LENSES | MACHINE VISION 4 simple software optimization tips
09:37 Fri Jul 31 Ok cool Gitlab Cannot connect http in browser
09:39 Fri Jul 31 Our Drupal appliance is ready to go Drupal 6.11 upgrade problem
10:09 Fri Jul 31 Sounds like you have the latest! Upgrade Apache from 2.2.22
10:20 Fri Jul 31 Disable Speeqe Apache config Replace Speeqe with my own website
10:34 Fri Jul 31 You need to make virtual hosts listen respond to specific site vhost
05:22 Sat Aug 1 Looks like it can't find turnkey/base plan... Question re fab-plan-resolve when creating ISO
18:27 Sat Aug 1 Security Consulting Advice on breaking into freelance consulting, contract work, standard rates, wages and billing practices
05:00 Sun Aug 2 A couple of things... Webmin seemingly ignoring changes
08:46 Sun Aug 2 That is because by default TurnKey use self signed certificates Error on browser when trying to access Turnkey Linux Server hosted on AWS
09:00 Sun Aug 2 Thanks Webmin seemingly ignoring changes
11:39 Sun Aug 2 You're not the first Webmin seemingly ignoring changes
01:40 Mon Aug 3 cdroot too large Converting a virtual disk image: VDI or VMDK to an ISO you can distribute
02:09 Mon Aug 3 believe I found a fix Converting a virtual disk image: VDI or VMDK to an ISO you can distribute
05:07 Mon Aug 3 Good question... TKKDev/TKL SoftwareRAID out of the box
11:03 Mon Aug 3 Software optimization 4 simple software optimization tips
16:38 Mon Aug 3 There is a saying "Choose a An experiment: gaming Slashdot's moderation system
21:52 Mon Aug 3 Hi Jeremy, Thanks for the Upgrade Apache from 2.2.22
23:29 Mon Aug 3 Use IE Tab in Chrome to allow Webmin to not be sluggish Java No Longer Supported in Spartan and Google Chrome
04:40 Tue Aug 4 I recommend 'apt-cache policy' Upgrade Apache from 2.2.22