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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
20:13 Mon Jul 21 reddit discussion Introducing BitKey - A secure Bitcoin live USB/CD solution built with TKLDev
18:51 Mon Jul 21 updated link? Guacamole 9.1 Appliance
15:16 Mon Jul 21 This is the one application I can't use Linux for :( Screencast production: Lessons learned from the making of my first screencasting
13:21 Mon Jul 21 Where's the beef (famous U.S. Ad for you youngsters ;-) Screencast production: Lessons learned from the making of my first screencasting
10:23 Mon Jul 21 payment Amazon FPS (flexible payments system) in a nutshell
02:54 Mon Jul 21 Agreed. Now show license page for TurnKey GNU/Linux! Standing up for free software, a free Internet and a free society
18:39 Sun Jul 20 log files TKLBAM initial backup takes loooong time
15:27 Sun Jul 20 I just had a real quick look... build/product.iso not appearing for any app besides core
15:18 Sun Jul 20 Nice workaround! Cron sending emails
15:15 Sun Jul 20 I'll check with Alon When will you have Amazon's new server type "T2" available?
15:08 Sun Jul 20 It should be fairly easy to fix ClipBucket TKL ClipBucket 13 dont work out of the box
15:05 Sun Jul 20 Ah ok... ProcessMaker - Amazon Cloud - How to use Documentation
10:22 Sun Jul 20 Similar issue, but sorted it out WordPress multisite support - does not work for local install
14:58 Sat Jul 19 use root.tmp Getting started with TKL Core
03:54 Sat Jul 19 If it ain't broke...don't fix it :-) The TurnKey blog: where do we go from here?
02:56 Sat Jul 19 hi sven, you can use Announcing TurnKey Docker optimized builds
00:13 Sat Jul 19 'fab-chroot build/root.patched/' works Getting started with TKL Core
23:32 Fri Jul 18 Ok, so I've got Getting started with TKL Core
22:57 Fri Jul 18 iptables isn't running Announcing TurnKey Docker optimized builds
21:32 Fri Jul 18 Rsync project The curious case of Jeremy Davis (AKA JedMeister)