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11:22 Sun Mar 1 Cheers John...I should have looked here first :-) cdn.debian.net is deprecated
12:35 Sun Mar 1 is local to the guest but not your browser(host) Web Shell doesn't work using Chrome Browser
22:47 Sun Mar 1 Any new updates for Ubuntu 12.04.5 yet TurnKey 11.3 maintenance release - next stop Ubuntu 12.04!
01:01 Mon Mar 2 OpenVPN HowTo Setting up Site to Site with Turnkey OpenVPN Appliance
16:17 Mon Mar 2 Installed Moodle in VMworkstation but can not logiin admin password for OSQA Virtual Machine
16:46 Mon Mar 2 Great Post Basic self-documenting ReStructured Text example
20:17 Mon Mar 2 Working on a fix TKLBAM --address... error
20:31 Mon Mar 2 Can't reproduce this, may be a DNS propogation issue cdn.debian.net is deprecated
21:24 Mon Mar 2 Tested and committed a fix TKLBAM --address... error
21:36 Mon Mar 2 From where I'm at in Iowa cdn.debian.net is deprecated
22:41 Mon Mar 2 I too experienced this. cdn.debian.net is deprecated
22:43 Mon Mar 2 Have you set the admin password? admin password for OSQA Virtual Machine
22:47 Mon Mar 2 Love your work on this mate! :) Setting up Site to Site with Turnkey OpenVPN Appliance
23:01 Mon Mar 2 Not really sure... Htdocs mapped from Windows to Linux, Dev with Compass
23:03 Mon Mar 2 Sorry I forgot that VBox required kernel module is it possible to run Debian Etch as a virtual machine within a Turnkey system?
23:07 Mon Mar 2 Don't get confused with RHEL based systems! Cannot upload to Wordpress Media Library (in Wordpress Appliance)
23:13 Mon Mar 2 Thanks again for your great info John howto upgrade owncloud to higher 5 version
23:48 Mon Mar 2 Awesome work Jerome Wordpress 4?
00:22 Tue Mar 3 You're probably right about DNS propogation error cdn.debian.net is deprecated
00:40 Tue Mar 3 compass watch --poll . Htdocs mapped from Windows to Linux, Dev with Compass