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Recent comments

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23:03 Fri Aug 15 Progress? [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
12:43 Sun Aug 17 I'm not sure how Rik went [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
18:30 Tue Aug 19 Itching for Pi support [Request] Add Raspberry Pi Support
13:29 Thu Aug 7 That's weird... ZFS and LXC
20:49 Wed Aug 6 installing zfs ZFS and LXC
02:33 Sun Aug 17 I've had a quick look at the Hub logs Your Amazon EC2 account is not enabled for TurnKey Linux deployment.
22:42 Fri Aug 15 I'm having the same issue Your Amazon EC2 account is not enabled for TurnKey Linux deployment.
06:01 Sun Jul 27 so it finnaly went down again Wordpress website going down
06:45 Sun Jul 27 IMO DOS attack is quite possible Wordpress website going down
08:46 Sun Jul 27 I was about to suggest the same for your advice... Wordpress website going down
06:39 Sun Jul 27 1) So i'm self hosting in my Wordpress website going down
08:28 Sun Jul 27 Make sure you consider Tim's input Wordpress website going down
06:30 Sun Jul 27 Have a look at your pingdom and AWS logs Wordpress website going down
07:04 Sun Jul 27 Ok...now it gets tricky... Wordpress website going down
06:51 Sun Jul 27 ok let me look over those Wordpress website going down
19:30 Sun Jul 27 That worked for me too. Wordpress - ftp and update issues
22:14 Sat Aug 16 Thank you very much, it has Wordpress - ftp and update issues
18:23 Tue Jul 29 Adding reviews is worth consideration Where do I post reviews of appliances?
09:54 Mon Aug 4 Good call Liraz Where do I post reviews of appliances?
02:38 Fri Jul 25 Outstanding!  Thanks for When will you have Amazon's new server type "T2" available?