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10:35 Wed Mar 4 Yes I did alter it, I just smf not working via http only via https
01:22 Thu Mar 5 Have you checked logs? Site Down - TKLBAM restore not functioning?
01:57 Thu Mar 5 No idea really... Overflow memory in php using unixodbc over lamp
01:58 Thu Mar 5 There's a blog post on that! :) Wordpress SSL
03:42 Thu Mar 5 this is not a fix, you are rsyslog spinning CPU on openvz
04:00 Thu Mar 5 Or the blog post didnt work Wordpress SSL
05:54 Thu Mar 5 Hmmm... Wordpress SSL
09:08 Thu Mar 5 Using cloudping to empirically test these theories Mapping AWS data centers for fastest connection
16:18 Thu Mar 5 URL Entity and DB User pw missmatch Elgg does not work after turnkey installation (turnkey-elgg-13.0-wheezy-amd64.iso)
16:14 Fri Mar 6 Thank you!!! Extending an LVM volume: Physical volumes (partitions) -> Volume groups -> Logical volume -> Filesystem
20:48 Fri Mar 6 Luckey Turnkey Forteen TurnKey 13.0 ready for community development
15:51 Sat Mar 7 Hello, I have a problem when Marionnet Network Simulator
16:42 Sat Mar 7 4 1/2 years later ... that 'Machine not mutable' error with Fileserver VM on Virtualbox
14:47 Mon Mar 9 turnkey owncloud 13.1 howto upgrade owncloud to higher 5 version
23:13 Mon Mar 9 Timing may be at work here .. howto upgrade owncloud to higher 5 version
00:15 Tue Mar 10 Not yet fixed for me howto upgrade owncloud to higher 5 version
07:57 Tue Mar 10 Muscle Rev Xtreme Basic self-documenting ReStructured Text example
11:28 Tue Mar 10 Have you fixed this or do you still want some advice? WordPress stie not availible from Internet
11:52 Tue Mar 10 Is the target image the same as the source image MySql not started after restore
11:55 Tue Mar 10 Have you sorted this out Mike? Wordpress SSL