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07:29 Tue Mar 3 An example (now back comment #1) of Software trying to learn 4 simple software optimization tips
08:22 Tue Mar 3 Hub instances show in AWS but not the other way around If an instance starts in AWS will it show in Turnkey Hub
09:17 Tue Mar 3 https fucntional Self signed and trusted SSL certificates
09:57 Tue Mar 3 Package archive updated TKLBAM --address... error
13:35 Tue Mar 3 Thanks Landis 4 simple software optimization tips
16:07 Tue Mar 3 crazy, it was amazon smf not working via http only via https
20:56 Tue Mar 3 You are very welcome. The Wordpress 4?
22:38 Tue Mar 3 Thanks... Htdocs mapped from Windows to Linux, Dev with Compass
00:58 Wed Mar 4 Heads-up: update sources broken Trac
01:45 Wed Mar 4 For me it's not a DNS issue cdn.debian.net is deprecated
07:58 Wed Mar 4 Whilst theoretically that should work fine... [Retirement Notification] Amazon EC2 Instance scheduled for retirement
08:07 Wed Mar 4 Hmm that's strange smf not working via http only via https
09:35 Wed Mar 4 Yes I did alter it, I just smf not working via http only via https
00:22 Thu Mar 5 Have you checked logs? Site Down - TKLBAM restore not functioning?
00:57 Thu Mar 5 No idea really... Overflow memory in php using unixodbc over lamp
00:58 Thu Mar 5 There's a blog post on that! :) Wordpress SSL
02:42 Thu Mar 5 this is not a fix, you are rsyslog spinning CPU on openvz
03:00 Thu Mar 5 Or the blog post didnt work Wordpress SSL
04:54 Thu Mar 5 Hmmm... Wordpress SSL
08:08 Thu Mar 5 Using cloudping to empirically test these theories Mapping AWS data centers for fastest connection