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Recent comments

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06:48 Sun Jul 27 Out of ideas then sorry lamp in windows
06:51 Sun Jul 27 ok let me look over those Wordpress website going down
07:04 Sun Jul 27 Ok...now it gets tricky... Wordpress website going down
08:28 Sun Jul 27 Make sure you consider Tim's input Wordpress website going down
08:46 Sun Jul 27 I was about to suggest the same for your advice... Wordpress website going down
19:30 Sun Jul 27 That worked for me too. Wordpress - ftp and update issues
21:29 Sun Jul 27 Yes, this looks like a connection issue TKLBAM initial backup takes loooong time
00:45 Mon Jul 28 Setup new master mirror LXC-appliance .iso missing from mirrors
07:05 Mon Jul 28 I would consider the same Django settings.py for development and production
13:20 Mon Jul 28 Hi :) trouble installing new package
13:23 Mon Jul 28 Here you go! :) i386 File Server Version?
15:10 Mon Jul 28 thank you very much I'll Lost of connection Owncloud OVF
17:11 Mon Jul 28 BitKey for your vault, Trezor for your wallet The closest you can get to perfectly secure Bitcoin transactions (without doing them in your head)
17:20 Mon Jul 28 just some comments The closest you can get to perfectly secure Bitcoin transactions (without doing them in your head)
17:37 Mon Jul 28 Tmux is great! Try byobu tmux is a superior alternative to screen
17:48 Mon Jul 28 I'll just add that although i386 File Server Version?
18:16 Mon Jul 28 I used byobu way back... tmux is a superior alternative to screen
18:32 Mon Jul 28 Well that explains trouble installing new package
18:59 Mon Jul 28 Thanks a bunch, guys! John>I i386 File Server Version?
19:43 Mon Jul 28 .wbt for installing in Webmin's-Interface Metal - Webmin theme