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Recent comments

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04:35 Fri Nov 7 Awesome, thanks for your feedback TKLDev Docs
06:03 Fri Nov 7 Hi Jeremy, Yes, its indeed a Bamboo Invoice
06:33 Fri Nov 7 Oopps Bamboo Invoice
06:34 Fri Nov 7 SOLVED - Timestamp on server logs lamp appliance, postfix, timestamps in log
06:41 Fri Nov 7 Ok sorry it was me before Bamboo Invoice
07:45 Fri Nov 7 A few things... Bamboo Invoice
14:18 Fri Nov 7 Two would work well, or maybe a layered cake.... TKLDev Docs
14:48 Fri Nov 7 user.get_profile() is not working while running on apache Django User Profiles - Simple yet powerful
22:57 Fri Nov 7 Whichever option meets your budget & performance needs Upgrade to VPS or dedicated server
05:25 Sat Nov 8 Just tested... lamp server update fails to resolve URLs
05:52 Sat Nov 8 Thanks Ken TKLDev Docs
05:56 Sat Nov 8 openvpn installer OpenVPN on amazon AWS
05:58 Sat Nov 8 Thanks for your input OpenVPN on amazon AWS
15:19 Sat Nov 8 Found it! lamp server update fails to resolve URLs
15:25 Sat Nov 8 Know the feeling... lamp server update fails to resolve URLs
02:48 Sun Nov 9 It's a known 'issue' in Debian mount -a works, fstab doesn't
13:06 Sun Nov 9 that seems not to have helped mount -a works, fstab doesn't
16:48 Sun Nov 9 Cron Sandbox Need to add Zurmo CRM Cron Jobs
00:37 Mon Nov 10 Works fine with Debian Chromebook Acer C720 review: the browser is the operating system and it doesn't suck
06:20 Mon Nov 10 To avoid conflict with apps being tested in the 'sandbox' Any reason why TKLDEV not listeing on ports 12320 and 12321?