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Recent comments

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00:22 Sat Sep 12 Simple solution Background task processing and deferred execution in Django
10:55 Mon Sep 14 Any news? Retrofit existing debian installation with TKLBAM
15:52 Mon Sep 14 I am having the same problem with VMware shared folder! [SOLVED] Apache2 on Turnkey LAMP appliance has insufficient permissions to read fstab-mounted Virtualbox shared directory
15:53 Mon Sep 14 An update guide on how to map shared folder using VMware vmware workstation vmhgfs mount / Shared Folders with host
15:53 Mon Sep 14 Here is the solution I found to work for me... Trouble mounting a shared folder
16:01 Mon Sep 14 Nginx RC1 Marching towards v14.0 RC2
16:46 Mon Sep 14 RC1 Download link is here: Marching towards v14.0 RC2
22:59 Mon Sep 14 Same Error Torrent Server and SSLv3 error
01:51 Tue Sep 15 I'm pretty sure it's because MLDonkey uses SSL Torrent Server and SSLv3 error
01:53 Tue Sep 15 We are very close to stable release.... Marching towards v14.0 RC2
03:55 Tue Sep 15 Just wondering ... Suggest OTRS development services company
07:03 Tue Sep 15 Burn ISO Image File to USB Drive Creating a bootable USB drive from an ISO image
11:24 Tue Sep 15 Somone did make one some time ago TurnKey v14.0 RC1 is LIVE! (aka we need YOU!)
02:14 Wed Sep 16 Thank you for working on the upgrade! Marching towards v14.0 RC2
11:29 Wed Sep 16 Are you trying to restore to another v12 appliance? Problem restoring backup turnkey-redmine-12.0-squeeze-x86 (File "/usr/lib/tklbam/deps/bin/duplicity", line 1405, in <module
12:31 Wed Sep 16 TKLBAM vs Duply TKLBAM (TurnKey Linux Backup et Migration)
17:25 Wed Sep 16 works well with debian Chromebook Acer C720 review: the browser is the operating system and it doesn't suck
14:23 Thu Sep 17 Same problem, no network script non-zero exitcode (1) for command : ifdown 'eth0
17:06 Thu Sep 17 Ooo!  I think I found Etherpad 14.0 appliance fails to build (common nodejs-install seems to be broken)
17:43 Thu Sep 17 latest-v0.12.x Works Etherpad 14.0 appliance fails to build (common nodejs-install seems to be broken)