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20:27 Sat Apr 18 Just had a look if I still had what I had done... TKLDev Control Questions
20:23 Sat Apr 18 Nginx can have better performance TKLDev Control Questions
17:49 Sat Apr 18 That's why I used the --force-depends switch Installing Odoo step by step on Turnkey Linux
17:18 Sat Apr 18 Parcing all this from threads leads eventually to outlines. TKLDev Control Questions
16:39 Sat Apr 18 Did Xfonts-base auto install in your wkhtmltopdf install? Installing Odoo step by step on Turnkey Linux
16:30 Sat Apr 18 super Happy with Odoo on my side Installing Odoo step by step on Turnkey Linux
16:22 Sat Apr 18 My apology too to OP... thanks Jeremy upgrade fresh lamp install to jessie
14:09 Sat Apr 18 I don't see why not... How do I access the webmin management interface? (SOLVED)
13:46 Sat Apr 18 No worries TKLDev Control Questions
13:41 Sat Apr 18 I'll try to answer all your q's as best I can... TKLDev Control Questions
10:35 Sat Apr 18 I'm not sure... sogo mail yahoo problem
10:15 Sat Apr 18 Sorry to OP for bit of a hijack upgrade fresh lamp install to jessie
10:06 Sat Apr 18 TKL v13.1 is on the way.... Wordpress 4?
10:01 Sat Apr 18 Hi Mark, thanks for your feedback Wordpress 4?
09:50 Sat Apr 18 Yes very active! Wordpress 4?
08:58 Sat Apr 18 I don't know... IT Asset Management
07:28 Fri Apr 17 there should be default password etherpad admin access
04:42 Fri Apr 17 Coming back to this. TKLDev Control Questions
03:36 Fri Apr 17 Thanks so much! Announcing TurnKey OpenStack optimized builds
02:35 Fri Apr 17 wait a sec Creating a bootable USB drive from an ISO image