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Recent comments

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21:54 Thu Jul 24 Similar problem SAMBA shares have ROOT as owner, no one else can write to them
01:12 Fri Jul 25 That depends on how useful it would be TKL BitCoin Mine appliance
01:15 Fri Jul 25 I feel your pain Eric Screencast production: Lessons learned from the making of my first screencasting
01:47 Fri Jul 25 The narrative of a free software project... The TurnKey blog: where do we go from here?
01:49 Fri Jul 25 There was a bug, I think I squashed it TKLBAM initial backup takes loooong time
02:18 Fri Jul 25 This is exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for Standing up for free software, a free Internet and a free society
02:21 Fri Jul 25 Happiness lies somewhere between too little & too much attention The TurnKey blog: where do we go from here?
02:30 Fri Jul 25 Thanks for the positive feedback :) Just saying THANKS!
02:33 Fri Jul 25 Update When will you have Amazon's new server type "T2" available?
02:38 Fri Jul 25 Outstanding!  Thanks for When will you have Amazon's new server type "T2" available?
02:40 Fri Jul 25 As discussed in that other thread: Micro = not very good Backup consumes all bandwidth/cpu
02:44 Fri Jul 25 Oops sorry... Guacamole 9.1 Appliance
02:48 Fri Jul 25 That''d be a great first step Guacamole 9.1 Appliance
02:57 Fri Jul 25 Go for a 'heavy' Reserved Instances question regarding utilization levels
03:08 Fri Jul 25 Where is it running? Lost of connection Owncloud OVF
03:13 Fri Jul 25 Shouldn't be an issue TKLBAM - backing up new folder in the /
03:25 Fri Jul 25 Nice work guys... Moodle Appliance keeps failing
03:36 Fri Jul 25 Check your Internet Explorer settings lamp in windows
04:56 Fri Jul 25 Thanks ; been there done that lamp in windows
06:29 Fri Jul 25 Thanks Guacamole 9.1 Appliance