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19:00 Wed Feb 18 Uploaded turnkey-ansible-13.1-rc4-wheezy-amd64.iso DevOps and TurnKey Linux
14:44 Wed Feb 18 FYI, I just had the same Drupal7 : PDOException: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied
10:21 Wed Feb 18 Guess what!?!? DevOps and TurnKey Linux
08:22 Wed Feb 18 WPM A practical intelligence amplification hack that really works: how to use your phone's TTS engine to give your brain a boost
07:56 Wed Feb 18 Yeah SF have changed stuff around a bit DevOps and TurnKey Linux
22:52 Tue Feb 17 Not sure when the change occurred. DevOps and TurnKey Linux
22:26 Tue Feb 17 FWIW - 'proper' way to add kernel opts permanently Turnkey and Vbox change console size
22:18 Tue Feb 17 Nice one John... DevOps and TurnKey Linux
22:11 Tue Feb 17 I wasn't aware that SourceForge may be an issue... DevOps and TurnKey Linux
19:49 Tue Feb 17 Updating packages not installed by apt DevOps and TurnKey Linux
16:55 Tue Feb 17 Best practice for sharing ISO's? DevOps and TurnKey Linux
14:38 Tue Feb 17 A solution Turnkey and Vbox change console size
12:34 Tue Feb 17 Thanks for posting Andrej Bugs with TurnKey website
06:33 Tue Feb 17 Ok well our appliance build tool is TKLDev Dolibarr or Odoo
04:26 Tue Feb 17 If you can point me in the Dolibarr or Odoo
03:44 Tue Feb 17 It seems not... Redmine Automatic SVN Repo Creation and User Access
03:37 Tue Feb 17 Is this a TurnKey server? Webpage load time issue. wget showing “HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 301 Moved Permanently”
02:58 Tue Feb 17 Do you need a newer version of git? How to update git on "TurnKey Revision Control version (13.0)"?
02:16 Tue Feb 17 Not that I am aware of Dolibarr or Odoo
23:35 Mon Feb 16 Great Thanks! Rasbian port of TKDEV?