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03:12 Mon Mar 23 I agree it may have been TKBM RESTORE - Really a "Status" heartbeat is desperately needed!
02:54 Mon Mar 23 None that I'm aware of.... :( Where Bomgar, logmein, and Webex cost a fortune we need to create a remote administration console
02:53 Mon Mar 23 Hi Sebastian Dolibarr or Odoo
02:27 Mon Mar 23 Thanks for posting back lxc Ip address
02:27 Mon Mar 23 Sorry not an Apache expert... Redirect and RewriteMap failing in .htaccess
02:12 Mon Mar 23 AFAIK confconsole doesn't touch hosts file Hosts file update after ip modification with confconsole
02:01 Mon Mar 23 It downloads in chunks TKBM RESTORE - Really a "Status" heartbeat is desperately needed!
01:52 Mon Mar 23 Sorry to hear of your pain TKBM RESTORE - Really a "Status" heartbeat is desperately needed!
01:48 Mon Mar 23 TBH I'm not sure... problems with bitbucket-plugin in Jenkins
01:40 Mon Mar 23 Great advice TKBM RESTORE - Really a "Status" heartbeat is desperately needed!
01:34 Mon Mar 23 I'll try to answer all your q's as best I can... TKLDev Control Questions
00:28 Mon Mar 23 AFAIK currently that is not possible Turnkey Hub - Memory Usage
00:18 Mon Mar 23 Check your credit card Paul Cancelled TurnKey backup storage on S3
00:16 Mon Mar 23 Dolibarr Dolibarr or Odoo
15:41 Sun Mar 22 Add access to TUN/TAP from OpenVZ container to Host OpenVPN on amazon AWS
20:29 Fri Mar 20 MS - Tech note on Debian on Hyper-V Need help Install Turnkey LAMP To Hyper-V
06:38 Fri Mar 20 Did a system (not TKLDEV) build - guidance doc ref here TKLDev Control Questions
04:37 Fri Mar 20 Best speed reading hack! A practical intelligence amplification hack that really works: how to use your phone's TTS engine to give your brain a boost
03:28 Fri Mar 20 32 bit suppoer 32 bit system supported
03:24 Fri Mar 20 Go to TKL SourceForge page 32 bit system supported