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15:42 Thu Aug 20 Glad you fixed it! Error after reboot "ALERT? /dev/disk/by-uuid/574707ab-c5c5-4886-b289-7446226fdd90 does not exist.
15:38 Thu Aug 20 TBH I don't rememeber 100% Retrofit existing debian installation with TKLBAM
13:49 Thu Aug 20 Hi, I managed to fix the Error after reboot "ALERT? /dev/disk/by-uuid/574707ab-c5c5-4886-b289-7446226fdd90 does not exist.
10:50 Thu Aug 20 THANKS Marching towards v14.0 RC2
03:41 Thu Aug 20 Sounds like it's not finding your main partition Error after reboot "ALERT? /dev/disk/by-uuid/574707ab-c5c5-4886-b289-7446226fdd90 does not exist.
02:16 Thu Aug 20 Glad we got it all worked out! MediaWiki - Drive Space Help
02:06 Thu Aug 20 Thanks for the encouragement! Marching towards v14.0 RC2
00:27 Thu Aug 20 For screenrecording (gtk-)recordmydesktop Screencast production: Lessons learned from the making of my first screencasting
15:17 Wed Aug 19 That did the job! MediaWiki - Drive Space Help
15:17 Wed Aug 19 Nice job ! Definitely a great Be nice. It's a fscking gift
15:14 Wed Aug 19 Nice job!I love reading these Be nice. It's a fscking gift
10:41 Wed Aug 19 Any update? Domain Controller
02:47 Wed Aug 19 Hi Jim Can't access page on new Apache Virtual Server
02:36 Wed Aug 19 Ah-ha! I'm pretty sure I know what's happening! MediaWiki - Drive Space Help
21:59 Tue Aug 18 I managed to fix this by Can't access page on new Apache Virtual Server
18:08 Tue Aug 18 thanks a lot man, its Nagios appliance
15:43 Tue Aug 18 Thanks for the ideas.   The MediaWiki - Drive Space Help
15:18 Tue Aug 18 Possibly not... TKL Core for Raspberry Pi
14:48 Tue Aug 18 Try resize2fs MediaWiki - Drive Space Help
19:45 Mon Aug 17 Raspberry Pi 2 TKL Core for Raspberry Pi