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Recent comments

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14:09 Mon Sep 8 my problem is still unsolved LAMP | Moodle and MediaWiki not working after server reboot
09:13 Mon Sep 8 Take Live2support live chat free trial Looking for a secure and reliable live chat solution?
05:23 Sat Sep 27 I have not heard of this bug before MediaWiki Appliance - Pear mail package is not installed Error
05:37 Fri Sep 19 We aren't a Moodle forum... Moodle hosting that can support 2 million users concurrently
02:03 Sat Sep 20 Here's a few options (I'm interested in others' suggestions) More than one host on turnkey wordpress
08:02 Fri Sep 19 You'd have to ask Bitnami if you want to know what Bitnami have! Nameserver & Email On AMI
02:37 Sat Sep 20 It depends what you want to do with email Nameserver & Email On AMI
12:42 Fri Sep 19 Hi Jeremy, Thanks for Nameserver & Email On AMI
18:32 Fri Sep 12 Use crontab Need to add Zurmo CRM Cron Jobs
11:45 Thu Sep 18 website CometChat software Need website chat software
09:27 Mon Sep 8 Effective and efficient live chat solutions Need website chat software
12:00 Thu Sep 4 System information No webmin access or phpmyadmin and Error Establishing a Database Connection
16:35 Thu Sep 4 Now it works! No webmin access or phpmyadmin and Error Establishing a Database Connection
13:41 Fri Sep 12 Thank you for sharing such a On good web design
14:41 Tue Sep 30 AFAIK TKL Xen images don't work on XenServer OOTB OTRS Appliance on XenServer 6.2 fails to install
08:09 Fri Sep 19 Or just use port forwarding on your modem/router Port redirects and the turnkey app
12:44 Wed Sep 17 A Google search should answer your question Port redirects and the turnkey app
08:50 Thu Sep 11 Power management Power management
03:24 Wed Sep 10 Powermanagement Power management
02:23 Fri Sep 12 Sounds like your issue is hardware/BIOS related Power management