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Recent comments

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10:20 Fri Jul 31 Disable Speeqe Apache config Replace Speeqe with my own website
05:22 Sat Aug 1 Looks like it can't find turnkey/base plan... Question re fab-plan-resolve when creating ISO
20:01 Fri Aug 21 SOLVED processmaker ERROR on 1st run "TRANSLATIONS global object is not loaded!"
06:31 Sat Aug 22 Hmmm that's weird... processmaker ERROR on 1st run "TRANSLATIONS global object is not loaded!"
11:14 Sun Aug 23 Same Problem! PHP form sendmail help
18:14 Wed Aug 26 nfs share is not mounting on boot NFS Share not mounting on Boot
02:37 Fri Aug 14 Last line of fix doesn't take New Canvas LMS instance boots with error
07:59 Sun Aug 16 Unfortunately not.... New Canvas LMS instance boots with error
18:08 Tue Aug 18 thanks a lot man, its Nagios appliance
18:49 Fri Aug 7 Should do Migrating Magento store content to Turnkey
03:59 Sat Aug 8 Yes it works Migrating Magento store content to Turnkey
15:43 Tue Aug 18 Thanks for the ideas.   The MediaWiki - Drive Space Help
02:16 Thu Aug 20 Glad we got it all worked out! MediaWiki - Drive Space Help
14:48 Tue Aug 18 Try resize2fs MediaWiki - Drive Space Help
02:36 Wed Aug 19 Ah-ha! I'm pretty sure I know what's happening! MediaWiki - Drive Space Help
15:17 Wed Aug 19 That did the job! MediaWiki - Drive Space Help
20:37 Sat Aug 22 np, but one questions. Marching towards v14.0 RC2
14:53 Sun Aug 16 can't wait! Marching towards v14.0 RC2
02:06 Thu Aug 20 Thanks for the encouragement! Marching towards v14.0 RC2
10:50 Thu Aug 20 THANKS Marching towards v14.0 RC2