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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
16:26 Tue Sep 2 Lisp is readable enough but... To Lisp or not to Lisp, that is the question.
08:37 Tue Sep 2 forget to post the message tklbam does not work
07:29 Tue Sep 2 getent hosts Two simple ways a script can detect if it's online
21:34 Mon Sep 1 What is the Hostname? The IP? -> IP Works PostgreSQL Access
13:31 Mon Sep 1 Glad you got it worked out. Moodle
12:49 Mon Sep 1 Sorry for slow reply... Trying install of Minecraft turnkey server...
07:41 Mon Sep 1 Glad to hear you got it sorted Drupal7 : PDOException: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied
03:40 Mon Sep 1 SOLVED Drupal7 : PDOException: SQLSTATE[28000] [1045] Access denied
20:31 Sun Aug 31 Using `git` and `settings_core.py` ... Django settings.py for development and production
19:26 Sun Aug 31 VMWare Tools Steps vmware workstation vmhgfs mount / Shared Folders with host
19:18 Sun Aug 31 Enabling 'rewrite' module worked for me. Internal Server Error
13:44 Sun Aug 31 OK, you may need to consider the rest of your network Multiple Domains to one Server issues
12:49 Sun Aug 31 Thanks for posting guys WordPress multisite support - does not work for local install
11:59 Sun Aug 31 I think you're on the money... boot error with TKL Wordpress image in Virtualbox
11:35 Sun Aug 31 That would certainly be cool Power management
11:08 Sat Aug 30 Unfortunately, I did not, and WordPress multisite support - does not work for local install
08:00 Sat Aug 30 Softlink Usage tklbam not restoring symbolic links as links?
04:41 Sat Aug 30 BUMP.... any updates on a time frame? When will you have Amazon's new server type "T2" available?
17:39 Fri Aug 29 OTRS and capeIT Suggest OTRS development services company
15:24 Fri Aug 29 Max file size upload ownCloud - Increase Max File Size Upload