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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
14:12 Fri Oct 17 Jeremy, This environment is Moodle module URL error
13:49 Fri Oct 17 Awesome! IT Asset Management
12:40 Fri Oct 17 Are you trying to upgrade a TurnKey vTiger server? vtiger 6.0 release: migrate from 5.4
12:20 Fri Oct 17 Works for me... Moodle module URL error
07:04 Fri Oct 17 Vtiger CRM 6.1.0 and PHP v5.4 vtiger 6.0 release: migrate from 5.4
00:09 Fri Oct 17 Snipe-IT IT Asset Management
14:53 Thu Oct 16 Good luck! :) Setting up for i386 problems
14:51 Thu Oct 16 Instructions + NO MORE BUG TKL Core for Raspberry Pi
14:35 Thu Oct 16 VirtualBox setting...!? Setting up for i386 problems
14:06 Thu Oct 16 Thanks for the quick Setting up for i386 problems
12:32 Thu Oct 16 I tried the iso you linked Setting up for i386 problems
07:54 Thu Oct 16 Thanks guys Stuck in distribution update
01:13 Thu Oct 16 Sorry for very slow response... ClipBucket-How do I find the storage directory of videos
00:26 Thu Oct 16 Team effort Jeremy :-) Stuck in distribution update
00:24 Thu Oct 16 Ok so they're causing the build to halt!? Turnkey Linux for Foreman
23:56 Wed Oct 15 Glad we got to the bottom of it... (sort of) Stuck in distribution update
12:25 Wed Oct 15 Glad you have a success. Should be easy from here on. Stuck in distribution update
12:05 Wed Oct 15 Success :-) Stuck in distribution update
11:04 Wed Oct 15 If you can't download from the general link try a country link Stuck in distribution update
10:54 Wed Oct 15 No...click the link I provided... Stuck in distribution update