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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
09:38 Wed Oct 15 Answers Stuck in distribution update
09:02 Wed Oct 15 there you are :) TKL Core for Raspberry Pi
07:45 Wed Oct 15 SO fantastic. TKL Core for Raspberry Pi
01:10 Wed Oct 15 Complete Update TKL Core for Raspberry Pi
00:55 Wed Oct 15 That should do the trick Stuck in distribution update
00:36 Wed Oct 15 Try this... Stuck in distribution update
00:03 Wed Oct 15 One last download attempt should help Stuck in distribution update
00:02 Wed Oct 15 Thanks a lot! [SOLVED] Apache2 on Turnkey LAMP appliance has insufficient permissions to read fstab-mounted Virtualbox shared directory
22:53 Tue Oct 14 Let us know how you go TKL Core for Raspberry Pi
17:48 Tue Oct 14 TNX TKL Core for Raspberry Pi
14:07 Tue Oct 14 Well, I can't even DL the deb Stuck in distribution update
09:44 Tue Oct 14 Try commenting the offending wget Stuck in distribution update
09:26 Tue Oct 14 wget ajustment Stuck in distribution update
06:45 Tue Oct 14 Ahh cool! :) Upgrading to new TurnKey WordPress version
06:40 Tue Oct 14 Ahhh bugger! Introducing CloudTask - a cloud batch execution tool
06:33 Tue Oct 14 Thanks Tim Stuck in distribution update
00:54 Tue Oct 14 DONE :) TKL Core for Raspberry Pi
00:07 Tue Oct 14 Yes - Wordpress configurations are sensitive beasts TKLBAM install on old WordPress appliance?
00:01 Tue Oct 14 Based on Google search Jed's network fault is likely cause Stuck in distribution update
20:44 Mon Oct 13 Got it working Upgrading to new TurnKey WordPress version