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Recent comments

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02:28 Sat Dec 6 still, create user does not ejabberd install issue
03:54 Sat Dec 6 Admin user password Resetting Mediawiki admin password?
04:12 Sun Dec 7 TBH I am not familiar with OpenStack Install images in openstack through horizon
17:35 Sun Dec 7 Whoaaa SAMBA shares have ROOT as owner, no one else can write to them
23:12 Sun Dec 7 Screenshot showing maths extensions not working Mediawikimaths
03:41 Mon Dec 8 Thanks for your offer Install images in openstack through horizon
04:43 Mon Dec 8 Sorry I haven't been back sooner... ejabberd install issue
04:58 Mon Dec 8 TBH I don't use Webmin that much LAMP stack local development
09:25 Mon Dec 8 Sorry for slow reply Mediawikimaths
09:29 Mon Dec 8 posted in your other thread Resetting Mediawiki admin password?
09:31 Mon Dec 8 Also; re 'maths rendering' Mediawikimaths
09:47 Mon Dec 8 Great thanks Cannot launch new server stuck on "Installing security updates"
09:55 Mon Dec 8 Thanks John Another WebMin issue
10:18 Mon Dec 8 Content updated MediaWiki math rendering support
10:25 Mon Dec 8 Sounds like you haven't set up your account properly Backups Failing failed S3 Forbidden
10:32 Mon Dec 8 TBH I'm not that familiar with Canvas Add new language to Canvas
12:52 Mon Dec 8 Maths rendering MediaWiki math rendering support
00:15 Tue Dec 9 For the past few weeks, I Error establishing a database connection
12:56 Tue Dec 9 Translate Add new language to Canvas
21:54 Tue Dec 9 Interesting adventures! :) TKLBAM fails with gdocs backend