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20:16 Tue Jan 13 Update reply Postfix - forward all email to smart host (smtp.office365.com) - box is already secured so OK to allow
06:39 Wed Jan 14 Thanks for the heads up. Update to GitLab for CVE-2014-9390?
08:57 Wed Jan 14 Not that I'm aware of... LXC containers use what from the host?
14:24 Wed Jan 14 del Announcing TurnKey Docker optimized builds
16:25 Thu Jan 15 solved Password in System Log ? (vTiger image)
05:35 Fri Jan 16 retighten www-data ownership of WP dir tree Wordpress - ftp and update issues
20:20 Fri Jan 16 Ruby Problems [NEW] Guide: Turnkey Redmine Upgrade
02:05 Sat Jan 17 Sounds like something that is updated has broken it GitLab -- nginx "502 Bad Gateway" Error
02:11 Sat Jan 17 Currently not unfortuantely Debian 7.x
02:11 Sat Jan 17 Sorry I was a bit slow... Password in System Log ? (vTiger image)
02:23 Sat Jan 17 It's only an issue if your web server account get's compromised Wordpress - ftp and update issues
02:34 Sat Jan 17 Yes ideally you ar right! Redmine Security Vulnerability
10:17 Sat Jan 17 Reboot fixed the issue, but no internet OpenVPN on amazon AWS
11:17 Sat Jan 17 many thanks!! Adding locales and language support to TurnKey LAMP stack
18:49 Sat Jan 17 As discussed in that thread that is not a cure Replacement for Turnkey
18:54 Sat Jan 17 Sorry can't help ATM [NEW] Guide: Turnkey Redmine Upgrade
19:13 Sat Jan 17 Thanks for your response Replacement for Turnkey
20:59 Sat Jan 17 Link to Current Update Procedures Redmine Security Vulnerability
14:03 Sun Jan 18 Yes... Destroying an instance but keeping the backups
14:19 Sun Jan 18 As Jed said...look to the source grasshopper... Replacement for Turnkey