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23:35 Tue Jan 20 My first guess... Users cannot login
23:18 Tue Jan 20 Good work SSL support out of the box?? Are you sure about this?
23:15 Tue Jan 20 Yep, they'e the ones... PostgreSQL very slow
22:26 Tue Jan 20 Have you run the inithooks scripts yet? PostgreSQL very slow
15:52 Tue Jan 20 Thanks for the response. From PostgreSQL very slow
13:53 Tue Jan 20 SSL certificate up and running SSL support out of the box?? Are you sure about this?
03:25 Tue Jan 20 Sorry my bad... Having system messages emailed somewhere.
02:45 Tue Jan 20 I just realised you are using a WordPress backup... Replacement for Turnkey
02:44 Tue Jan 20 If you want control then a Linux server beats a Windows server Replacement for Turnkey
02:31 Tue Jan 20 I suppose it's about control. Replacement for Turnkey
02:25 Tue Jan 20 Is there any reason you don't use a WordPress manager? Replacement for Turnkey
02:03 Tue Jan 20 TBH maybe a self-managed server is not for you then... Replacement for Turnkey
01:39 Tue Jan 20 I appreciate the response. I Having system messages emailed somewhere.
01:30 Tue Jan 20 I want to say I genuinely Replacement for Turnkey
01:13 Tue Jan 20 Backup is worth considering but I still think it is Apache issue Replacement for Turnkey
00:37 Tue Jan 20 Also I just remembered... Replacement for Turnkey
00:22 Tue Jan 20 IMO documentation is important Replacement for Turnkey
00:03 Tue Jan 20 Have you had a MySQL down issue since reconfiguring? Replacement for Turnkey
23:53 Mon Jan 19 Agreed...plug-in discipline is always a good idea :-) Replacement for Turnkey
23:52 Mon Jan 19 Thanks! Wordpress - ftp and update issues