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14:02 Wed Nov 12 I had thought about that, aServer - a Mac Server replacement
08:54 Wed Nov 12 Humour me :-) Wordpress - ftp and update issues
08:38 Wed Nov 12 My understanding Wordpress - ftp and update issues
23:46 Tue Nov 11 Can you further clarify the extra security benefit? Wordpress - ftp and update issues
23:40 Tue Nov 11 You can also use Apache webdav to mount /var/ Wordpress - ftp and update issues
22:09 Tue Nov 11 I probably should have read this before posting above... LAMP and PDO SQLITE
22:07 Tue Nov 11 TBH I'm not sure on the initial config... LAMP and PDO SQLITE
21:55 Tue Nov 11 Ok cool... Wordpress - ftp and update issues
13:59 Tue Nov 11 Killing the process helped! > tklbam-backup error: a previous backup is still in progress
13:43 Tue Nov 11 "Install the package maintainers version" LAMP and PDO SQLITE
12:36 Tue Nov 11 Thanks for trying to Wordpress - ftp and update issues
11:01 Tue Nov 11 I also need SQLite (especially the PDO-implementation for PHP) LAMP and PDO SQLITE
10:44 Tue Nov 11 Your link answers your first question... Help in Magento
10:43 Tue Nov 11 I suggest that you'll need to consider upgrading OS Update Joomla on Turnkey 11.1
10:30 Tue Nov 11 Help newbie Help in Magento
09:57 Tue Nov 11 Sounds like a really cool project Ken aServer - a Mac Server replacement
09:53 Tue Nov 11 Well guys... RT by Best Practical
09:48 Tue Nov 11 Great! Bamboo Invoice
09:46 Tue Nov 11 I would like to see that RT by Best Practical
09:44 Tue Nov 11 What do you mean by "did it all, nothing helped" Wordpress - ftp and update issues