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Recent comments

Time Comment Thread
08:55 Sun May 17 Adminer Editor too? TurnKey v14.0 RC1 is LIVE! (aka we need YOU!)
08:30 Sun May 17 It certainly is! :) TurnKey v14.0 RC1 is LIVE! (aka we need YOU!)
08:02 Sun May 17 FYI Xen and XenServer are not the same thing... XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
07:21 Sun May 17 Like I said in my first post, XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
06:52 Sun May 17 Amazon use both HVM and PV XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
03:09 Sun May 17 TKl 14.0 XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
02:56 Sun May 17 Thanks for posting XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
01:23 Sun May 17 Problem with the email send by rules Drupal Rules in a nutshell
05:20 Sat May 16 upgrade to jessie TurnKey v14.0 RC1 is LIVE! (aka we need YOU!)
11:22 Fri May 15 Document management system Document Management
07:48 Fri May 15 Aha! Makes perfect sense... SFTP - wrong home directory
07:11 Fri May 15 I found a way to make this work! SFTP - wrong home directory
01:53 Fri May 15 Oops... Sorry my bad! Loginin to Zermo
23:14 Thu May 14 123 Password Loginin to Zermo
18:23 Thu May 14 We are currently working on the v14.0 Jessie upgrade Upgrade Tomcat appliance
17:56 Thu May 14 Finally found the correct Upgrade Tomcat appliance
15:13 Thu May 14 I hope that you didn't use 123 as your root password! Loginin to Zermo
13:07 Thu May 14 Use update-rc.d [(partly) Solved] Remove unused services linke bzr, webmin, web shell, mercurial
12:23 Thu May 14 Excellent news...it's time for a refresh TurnKey v14.0 RC1 is LIVE! (aka we need YOU!)
01:35 Thu May 14 That works like a champ! Wordpress - ftp and update issues