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Recent comments

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19:12 Mon Sep 29 Adding Windows 7 clients to a domain Quick Start Setup Guide
13:49 Tue Sep 30 I haven't used it but apparently OrangeHRM can do timesheets recommended apps for timesheets
14:32 Tue Sep 30 But what is success? Reflections on the correlation between intelligence and success
01:28 Sat Oct 11 Works for me, but.... rsyslog spinning CPU on openvz
16:29 Sat Oct 4 oops ... the root for webpages is var/www run a php file or access an html page on my AWS - what is the URL
07:45 Tue Sep 30 As TurnKey is based on Debian stable Samba PDC Appliance
06:02 Mon Oct 13 First thing... TKLDev x86 ISO Setting up for i386 problems
15:35 Thu Oct 16 VirtualBox setting...!? Setting up for i386 problems
15:06 Thu Oct 16 Thanks for the quick Setting up for i386 problems
13:32 Thu Oct 16 I tried the iso you linked Setting up for i386 problems
15:53 Thu Oct 16 Good luck! :) Setting up for i386 problems
05:18 Sat Sep 27 TKLBAM should work well Signed for Turnkey Hub Gold quick way to backup/clone the full EC2 server and import on Vsphere
00:55 Wed Oct 15 That should do the trick Stuck in distribution update
14:07 Tue Oct 14 Well, I can't even DL the deb Stuck in distribution update
15:45 Mon Oct 13 Im using the latest Core ISO Stuck in distribution update
12:04 Wed Oct 15 If you can't download from the general link try a country link Stuck in distribution update
13:34 Mon Oct 13 Couple of other options Stuck in distribution update
09:49 Wed Oct 15 Link broken Stuck in distribution update
00:36 Wed Oct 15 Try this... Stuck in distribution update
09:44 Tue Oct 14 Try commenting the offending wget Stuck in distribution update