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06:45 Wed Jul 8 Have a look at HubDNS docs my tklapp.com site is not working
13:43 Wed Jul 8 Thank you so much for sharing 4 simple software optimization tips
13:59 Wed Jul 8 8.1 would be good howto upgrade owncloud to higher 5 version
15:54 Wed Jul 8 Ok thanks Norman howto upgrade owncloud to higher 5 version
08:45 Thu Jul 9 Works out of the box... Migrating with tklbam like a template
10:34 Thu Jul 9 This is really awesome and 4 simple software optimization tips
01:30 Fri Jul 10 Thank you! Turnkey OpenVPN version
05:56 Fri Jul 10 For sure! Turnkey OpenVPN version
06:40 Fri Jul 10 I'll look into it for you. Change TKLBAM from one AWS account to another
17:57 Fri Jul 10 Thanks, I got the TKLDev ISO Turnkey OpenVPN version
21:12 Fri Jul 10 Any Help Please? Cannot access website after changing hostname in webmin
00:22 Sat Jul 11 can't email invoices Bamboo Invoice
02:41 Sat Jul 11 Huh XenServer 6.x optimized builds?
06:09 Sat Jul 11 How do I reboot my kindle - I'm stuck in Diagnostics mode On my Kindle I am root
17:58 Sat Jul 11 Not really... Upgrading the TKL hosting WP
18:03 Sat Jul 11 Is this a TurnKey appliance? Bamboo Invoice
07:22 Sun Jul 12 There's a tutorial here in the forums How to upgrade Redmine?
07:30 Sun Jul 12 I assume that this is the same issue that I just posted? Cannot access website after changing hostname in webmin
07:31 Sun Jul 12 I don't really understand... Turnkey Wordpress default host name
07:54 Sun Jul 12 So where are the passwords REALLY set??? Turnkey WordPress on first-boot : what is my wordpress login?